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Lost Bidders in the Beach

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Lost Bidders in the Beach

Lost Bidders in the Beach

On a perfect beach, a group of bidders is relaxing while the sun is shining and the waves are lapping at the shore. They converse, they joke, and they joyfully construct sandcastles.

But then something unexpected occurs. Slowly at first, then increasingly quickly, the ocean begins to retreat from view until it is entirely obscured. On the horizon, a terrifying tsunami is approaching the shore with unrelenting fury, rising higher and higher.

Few bidders start running frantically towards high ground as screams suddenly pierce the air, signalling that danger is approaching.

Nevertheless, it’s too late. The bidders who fled towards the water are the first to be swallowed, followed by those who did nothing, and then those who made some effort to prepare are also carried away.  The majority of bidders are either lost, pulled into the turbulent waters, or slammed against the coast.

The tsunami sweeps everything in its path aside in a matter of minutes, leaving nothing but ruins in its wake. The few survivors who remain must dismantle their previous possessions and start over.

The transformational potential of AI is represented by this cautionary story. 

The beach bidders who disregarded the warning flags are analogous to people who view AI as a transitory fad, this also includes traditional proposal professionals and custom LLM  experts. 

While the ones who fled to higher ground stand for those who understand the potential of AI and are making preparations. 

By visiting this page, you have a made higher ground – Congratulations. 

But there is still hope because there are other perspectives on the matter.

A crew launched into space, fully equipped and prepared for an adventure of a lifetime. Despite the risks, they were motivated by the excitement of discovering new opportunities and breaking free from the monotony of their previous life.

As they ventured deeper into space, they found a renewed sense of purpose and a chance for exploration and discovery. The crew was motivated by bravery and an insatiable thirst for success, and the journey ahead promised to be both thrilling and rewarding.

You have the option. After all, survival is a necessity for all of us, but choosing adventure opens up a world of possibilities and experiences.

Which of these stories do you identify with? 

  • Thrilling adventure
  • Merely survival

In a competitive market, it’s crucial to explore new ideas and tools.

Familiar tools and processes can only take you so far. Embracing AI is essential to achieve the next level of success.

Content below is only for Adventurers. 

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