How to Manage Organizational Change?

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Moving a business in the face of organizational change and uncertainty can seem very daunting especially during the current situation. Whether it’s a Government shutdown, company re-structuring or shift in management, change can have a negative impact on your organization if the accompanying periods of uncertainty and downtime are not properly managed.
In business development, an environment filled with uncertainty can create a breeding ground for lost talent and disaster. Employees haunted by the thought of layoffs, loss of productivity due to unknown budget allocations and operational stand stills resulting from a lack of direction are just a few examples of how change can have an adverse effect on your business if not addressed.

Here are a few guidelines and tips to consider when managing change:

Understand the past

Only by studying the past can you be prepared for the future. You will be better equipped for predictable calamities.
To ensure the best utility of B&P dollars spent, it is important to understand the who, what, when, where, why and how behind every award. A comprehensive look at the past will help build this story.
Prepare win/loss analysis for every competitive bid awarded over past three years. Collect and document important information. Analyze the proposal strengths and weaknesses identified on customer and fully understand the pricing.


Keep moving at present

Regardless of the circumstances, business development should never come to a stand still. There is always work to be done.
To ensure maximum utility of future B&P spending, it is important to ensure that lessons learned from the past do not become lost in translation as an organization undergoes change. Understanding your past will help you thrive at present. Complete deep dive assessment on past wins/losses
Collect and document all prior solicitation packages. Analyze the wins and losses.

Prepare for the future

In business development, your opportunity pipeline is your lifeline. While some aspects may become hazy in times of change, there should never be complete lack of certainty with regards to what opportunities your organization will pursue.
Protecting your core work is critical and recompete efforts should be considered automatic to your pipeline and preparation should never cease to exist. Use present momentum to refine and shape your pipeline around opportunities with the highest possibility of a win.
Solidify new business opportunity pipeline using past and present takeaways. Use win/loss analysis to identify key customers, competitors, contract types and basis of award that proved most/least successful on past bids. Use deep dive assessments to determine if position has improved or worsened since the last bid to determine classification on pipeline
The best advice to any organization is to keep moving forward even in any adversity. Be fully prepared no matter what.

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