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Mistakes To Avoid In The Proposal Development Process

Baskar Sundaram

Small businesses take additional efforts to increase their chances of bagging the bidding proposals for government contracts. But amongst the battle to align things perfectly,  minute details of prime importance often go unnoticed at the expense of losing the proposals. Here are some tips to revise before you start preparing for your bidding proposal.

Approach The Gaps Differently

Meeting the requirements of the Statement of Work intelligently is one way to ensure your success. Creating an Excel Spreadsheet to list the experience of each employee in your team in the fields demanded by the Statement is one way to do it. Submitting them as a reference to past experiences will give the right effect. To avoid leaving some columns empty due to lack of experience in a certain field it is better to rely on your partner to present the image of credibility.

Take The Understanding To 100%

Before bidding as prime contractors, understand the range of requirements the job at hand demands. Most small businesses start by subcontracting and hence have only a partial understanding of the entire contract. This lack of understanding the whole might leave you at risk when you become a prime bidder. Also depending on your team partner for aid in most fields might make them lose their confidence in you. Therefore, before making the prime bid, confirm whether you have a supportive history of handling contracts of the required size and a thorough understanding of the jobs the bid demands.

Keep The Resume Ready

Leaving the task of creating resumes to the eleventh hour is a popular drawback found in small businesses. This act, coupled with submitting resumes of only those personnel elected for the particular job, adds nothing appealing to your target. Whereas submitting resumes of every person in the team detailing their past experience gives your company a better and more professional elegance. In order to attain this, the selection process of every person in the team needs to be closely monitored.

Make And Sustain Relations

Creating and sustaining relations is crucial for small businesses. These can be started while working on subcontracts and must be maintained in order to have a better odd in getting successful a prime bidder. Also, building partnerships with smaller contractors always have benefits.

The key to achieving the prime bids not only lies in being eligible for every field desired by the Statement of Work but also in identifying and correcting the popular misconceptions and ignorance found among small businesses. Recognizing the minute drawbacks alone ensures the winning of the prime bids.


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