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My 40th birthday gift – 15 day count down reflection

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Baskar Sundaram

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I turn 40 on Oct 7th (YES!). Over my 17+ professional career, I was blessed to have known so many who helped shape me and Baachu. 
As a reluctant entrepreneur, we tested everything in these past 7 year. We did so many things (sales pipeline development, APMP training, investor analysis, sales team restructure, finance model build, bid & mobilisation support, retention strategy, memberships, podcasts) and simply created a service or product helped solved a problem and then left it to see what happens. 
We shifted to this journey mindset very early on and will continue to disrupt the market by caring more. Instead of worrying about our revenue numbers, we’ve been focused on people — and more specifically the kinds of experiences our clients have with Baachu. We don’t obsess over scale, we obsess over experience. Yes we say we are market leaders through purpose and not by size or scale. 
I am so humbled to have built 3 distinct communities… Yes, many of our friends wont be aware that we have 3 seperate divisions, 
15 distinct products, 7 awards inside Baachu 
Baachu , continues to be trusted growth advisor to Government and Government strategic suppliers
Baachu Rain , market and sales development for Facilities and Workplace services
Baachu Scribble, our membership learning platform for bids and proposal professionals also APMP Approved Training Organisation (ATO)
We also have two podcasts – Scribble Talk and Baachu Talk 
 sharing human leadership stories in our chosen sectors.
You will find circa 800 blogs and articles, 4 books, 50+ webinars and videos and 250 hours of certification study resources and covid19 support across all baachu sites including our latest book recommendations on sales, leadership, management, marketing and bids & proposals. By Christmas
 2020, we will reach 1000 article milestone. 
Recently, we also joined hands with SMA Inc , world’s largest bid & programme life cycle consultancy. We launched our first campaign #wow2k to support APMP attain 2000 members in UK. We continue to extend our ecosystem to serve even more friends in these testing times.  
May be you have had one touch point with Baachu either through Rain or Scribble or our podcast – feel free to browse through other sites as well.
On my birthday, I will be opening up our $100,000 Scribble Scholarships . ITS FREE. If you are bid leader managing a bid team or freelance consultant or SME owner involved in business proposals please do join and share the challenge to your colleagues
To Baachu Rain FM Fans – Backed by our proprietary 12000 outsourced FM database, we will be launching world’s first Rain FM Score card to our FM Insiders – Score your ability to generate and sustain your chosen market.
Will share few more in my 7 day count down newsletter. 
Thanks for your love and inspiration. If there is anything I can do help support do let me know. 

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