My Birthday Message, 7th Oct

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Today is my birthday. I turned 39. Thought I will share a personal message.

Not everyone’s life has the same starting point. For some they need to run harder than the others in the race called LIFE. For a Tamil boy born in a southern india, English as second language, who was told he had hole in his heart by birth, stammered during his school days, being told not a leader material by his company, a reluctant entrepreneur…I knew I have come far….

And in the middle of all of this I realized, the key is then to manage your own narrative. What is the story you tell yourself every single day as an entrepreneur? I realised managing one’s psychology remains the single biggest determinant of success. Privilege in life, my friends is very powerful.

I didn’t see my father like most during school and college –In his last days, my father always told me the why? Raja, they can take everything from you, but not your education and your knowledge. Yes, he was running harder (27 years) to give me the privilege. His salary $100/month my Masters tuition fees – £13000.

We all have been given a path to follow by society – a conventional path – by parents, educational system, job market, employers, corporate and government…

Yes, I started way behind, had to learn and adapt break many barriers to achieve my current professional and personal achievements


  • 50+ Consultancy assignments as Trusted advisor to 12 of Top 20 UK Strategic suppliers.
  • 60+ Investor market feedback sessions
  • Delivered 20+ Talks
  • Published 2 Books
  • Built Scribble to 200+ membership entity
  • 100% Success rate with APMP Foundation certifications

Personally, I am proud of my recent Himalayan trip, the 114 children I educate in India and my meagre £12500 to charities.

I was fulfilled until now… Reflecting on the journey and the experience so far – I can say this – The concept that anybody, regardless of their circumstance can jump out of the conditions they are born is troublesome to people who have spent their entire lives playing by the rules. It’s frustrating to them when somebody with a different kind of ambition either breaks the rules or ignore the rules and gets to the top anyway.

Yes, As a Libran, I will continually seek to balance my own self, my business and my life. Yes, you guessed it – I am tired of my Continual reinvention and I appreciate it’s not always for the better. But I know who is watching – the good and the bad..

Believe me – Life really begins when you decide to be yourself.

There is a reason why my core business values are Build Confidence, Seek Purpose and Make an Impact. Next year I turn 40.

I will need to take advantage of my own sense, seek more mentorship from my trusted colleagues, set my own rules and will continue to depart widely from the convention.

Yes, we live in a world where work begins the moment you pick up your phone in the morning and stops only when you force yourself to put it down.

On my birthday – I respect the runners 🏃🏽 – privilege seekers…  Keep running, your journey will not only help you but it will give the next generation a head start better than what you had

Looking back, Out of my father’s ashes, my families sacrifies, my friends trust and support have come many new and restored connections. You all had a role in my life. I sincerely, thank everyone for being one of mine. Love you. Wish me Happy Birthday 😊

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