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Time Management Tips for Businessmen

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Negotiation is an important aspect of closing a deal. All customers want only one thing. They want to be understood. They want you to listen to their needs and provide the best possible solution. So tell your clients you want to really understand their needs above everything else, and you will be so far ahead of your competition.

Here are some ways to negotiate by understanding and effectively communicating with your clients:

Response Secret

Philippa Davies, psychologist and expert in communication skills to heads of state and business leaders, says: “People respond more to what they are going to lose than to what they are going to gain.”She adds: “It’s very powerful when you explain to prospects they will probably lose market share to their main competitors if they don’t adopt your ideas.” 

So identify what will my customers stand to lose if they do not buy my service or product.


Science discovered the human brain finds lists of features boring we switch off. So be creative and turn your service or product into a picture! This secret technique is used in memory retention strategies. Never sell a generic product or service. Create your own appealing picture, sit back, and watch your sales soar.

Pretty Picture

Try to humanize your product or service so that prospects perceive you to be more professional and trustworthy.Include pictures and interesting details to your presentation. You can also take advantage of this powerful tip for your promotional brochures and website.

Customer Base

The big secret for any small business is to specialize in an area where you are substantially different from your rivals and put all your energy and resources into those areas.Therefore, do not start a business where you cannot enter some of your competitor’s markets but it can enter all of yours. This will give you more scope to be creative and approach a larger customer base.

Believe in Yourself

It does not matter if you have a world-beating product or service and innovative marketing, if you do not carry out the following four procedures every day, you are guaranteed to become just another business failure.

  1. Form a precise image in your mind of what you want to achieve.
  2. Believe, really believe, that youwill reap the rewards you are asking for.
  3. Practice gratitude daily for all the great new ideas and successes that are coming your way.
  4. Finally, set about putting into place the vehicle to achieve what you are thinking about. If this is your business, then do all you can each day, effectively, so you are putting yourself in a position to receive what you are asking.

When you start to apply these ground-breaking principles in your business, you will experience unprecedented levels of growth.

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