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AI Updates, Proposal Mastery Series – Kick offs in 15 minutes and a Personal Note to friends attending APMP Orlando Bid Conference and more!

AI Updates ChatGPT announces new app for iOS! – The app syncs your history across devices, and includes the latest OpenAI model improvements. Voice input is built into the app, thanks to the integration of Whisper, the open-source speech-recognition system. Our Favourite Tools for Writing ( we use all these to draft and normalise

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Introducing Bard – the latest AI language model by Google, 10 Game-Changing AI Chrome Extensions, AI Powered Bidder BootCamp, AI Powered Proposal Mastery, AI Tools and AMA webinar recording, Baachu Academy and more!

Introducing Bard – 🎭 the latest AI language model by Google! Let's explore its amazing features and capabilities: 🌐 Bard Has Access to Internet: Unlike ChatGPT, Bard can browse the web! 🧩 Bard Now Gets Plugins: Spotify, Walmart, Indeed, Uber Eats, and all Google Apps are at your fingertips! 📱 Bard will be

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AI Updates and Trainings, New AI Courses inside Scribble, Proposal Mastery Workshops, AI Bootcamp -Cohort 2, Baachu Talk – Equity Matters Podcast, Baachu and OpenAI Join Forces, New ChatGPT Privacy Features, New AI Newsletter, Stress Awareness Month & Baachu Connect!

Bringing to you the weekly highlights of Baachu Scribble to your inbox every week Issue #51 Friday, 27th May, 2022 New AI Courses inside Scribble We're pleased to introduce the second set of AI courses aimed at equipping individuals with the latest knowledge and skills in the field of artificial

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Introducing Baachu Scribble 2.0

Hope all of you are ready for the new and revamped Scribble 2.0. Get ready to access the best of the best business-winning tools and resources in all the ways you like. Whether you are looking for ways to learn, listen, read, or connect with people, we have got you covered in our new Scribble 2.0.

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Why Are We Starting Baachu Circle Community?

Are you sick of being sold to sponsors? Paying for a membership that’s simply a gateway point? Tired of not being able to connect with people properly?
If you feel so then you need to be a part of the Baachu Circle community.

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BPC Dallas Selfie Contest Winners

Our spontaneous and fun Selfie Contest conducted at APMP  BPC Dallas 2022 has finally come to an end. We are happy and grateful to announce these winners on #ThankYouday.

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Scribble Insider Issue #50- Blog on How to organize your proposal like a pro? APMP Certifications & Live Workshops, Scribble Talk Podcasts, Baachu APMP CEU Points and much more.

Bringing to you the weekly highlights of Baachu Scribble to your inbox every week Issue #50 Monday, 16th May , 2022 Today's Quote Essential Reminders How to organize your Proposal like a Pro? A well-organized proposal is easy for readers to understand and evaluate, it gives you higher evaluation scores, improves

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