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Build better bids using the superpower of story

- Michael Gerner

Did you know that human beings are hard wired to respond to story? Research across the globe increasingly points to how powerful stories can be in generating empathy. But how can we harness this superpower to achieve better bids and better procurement results for buyers and sellers alike? Michael’s presentation doesn’t just talk about this: by sharing one of his own stories he will help you see a structure that works; feel for yourself how effective storytelling can be; and give you suggestions for how you can harness the superpower of story to achieve better procurement results for your organisation.

Build better bids using the superpower of story - Michael Gerner

About Michael Gerner

Michael Gerner is a grizzled – some might say grizzly – bid veteran. He has been a Certified Member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) for 15 years. Michael brings almost 25 years’ experience in winning private sector proposals and public sector tenders, across multiple industry sectors, for contract values up to 250 million pounds sterling. Michael has been Principal Director for Precise Proposals since 2013 and, in 2021, the Precise Proposals win rate exceeded 90%. Michael brings grace, humour and penetrating insight into his lively presentations, highlighting best practice for procurement professionals across the globe.

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