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Hold your horses…. Don’t write too soon!

- Pippa Birch

As writers, it is all too tempting to get pen to paper and write your answers straight away, with whatever information you have to hand. Feels good to get something down, right? That may be true, but it’s a false feeling. Even at the busiest of times, writing immediately is not always the best policy for creating compelling, and winning, responses. Pippa will talk through her key ‘to dos’ when you first receive your documents, right up to the point where you can start writing for real.

Takeaways: A ‘To Do’ list of things to complete before starting to write your responses

Office Hours Webinar with Pippa Birch

About Pippa Birch

Pippa has been in bidding for twenty years, primarily as a bid writer, but has been known to provide all functions of a bid team at once! Firstly employed, then as a freelance consultant, and now with a team of wonderful people at Pipster Solutions Ltd, Pippa loves the bidding life. She is passionate about helping small businesses win work, ensuring fellow bidding colleagues have a space to connect through #ThursdayThrong and #BidBites, and spreading the word about bidding as a career across our younger generations. Pippa is also #ProudToBeAPMP

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