Drive Innovation in your proposals with Design Thinking

- Abhijit Majumdar

We are all living in a world of experiences. Every decision we make is based on either our or someone else’s experiences. Whether it is watching a movie on Netflix, comparing products or services on Amazon, planning a vacation on TripAdvisor, or selecting a school for our kids. Every decision is driven by experiences and we look forward for it, we enjoy it.

In our work life as proposal management professionals, we strive to make our proposals compelling to deliver the best experience to the evaluators to persuade them to select us over the competition.

And we do it by understanding what they expect from our proposals, understanding their hot buttons, motivators, issues, we provide them with solutions. We think about them, we think about their problems, we propose our solutions keeping them at the center. We try to create human-centric proposals, evaluated by humans, with solutions to be used by humans. We are, by all means human centric.

But, unfortunately in the process-centric approach we follow to complete the proposal, deliver a compliant and responsive response to the RFP and a race to compete and win, we somewhere loose the human-centric approach. More so because we are not trained or accept ourselves to be Design Thinkers. So, in my webinar on “Design Thinking for Proposal Management”, I l try to explain What is Design Thinking and Why we are Design Thinkers and How we can apply Design Thinking in what we do and deliver.


About Abhijit Majumdar

Abhijit is APMP Professional level and Capture Practitioner certified (the highest level of certification assessed by APMP.org) with three decades of experience in the Information Technology industry working for global IT organizations. He is the current Chair of the Governing Board of APMP India.  An alumni of the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management, USA, Abhijit is a professionally trained Design Thinking Consultant, a Trainer, Sales Enablement Consultant, Business Coach, International Speaker and an Inspiring Writer. Abhijit is an engaging webinar presenter and he has presented in APMP BPC Global 2020 and Winning the Business 2020.

A passionate and engaging trainer in Bid and Proposal management best practices and he has trained over 700 participants from the industry since last 8 years. He has conducted international workshops in Singapore and Kenya, apart from different cities in India. His live online training programs today include participants from India, US and Middle East countries. Participants of his training programs have a track record of 100% success in the APMP Foundation Level examination in their first attempt.  

Abhijit champions the adoption of new technologies and practices to create value-differentiators for businesses. Given his background, he has recently focused on how technology will change the presentation authoring process. This focus led him to his role as a Product Owner for Slidedge.ai, a presentation automation platform, which he believes has the potential to change the way people are working to create business presentations, creating more value for their organizations.

Abhijit has spent a large part of his career winning strategic IT deals around the globe through his innovative and customer-centric approach and solutions. His last corporate stint was with Zensar Technologies until October 2016 when he left to pursue his entrepreneurial vision. His company Optimizory Technologies, which he co- founded, develops software products for systems engineering. Indglory Technologies is his personal consulting company where he trains and mentors Bid and Proposal management professionals to excel in their role and organisation.

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