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Oh, You Write Grants? No, I Write Proposals

- Mitch Boretz​

What’s the difference between driving a car in the UK and driving in the US? The two experiences use the same basic hardware, software, and skill sets, but they happen on opposite sides of the street. So it is for the grant writer. Win strategies and processes follow the same path as they do for any other kind of proposal – just on the other side of the street. This presentation will explain the differences – and similarities – between different kinds of funding mechanisms, most notably contracts and grants. Based on that, we will explore how these distinctions determine the proposing team’s path toward communicating a value proposition and winning the award.

About Mitch Boretz​

Mitch Boretz is an APMP Fellow. He retired in 2021 after 25 years directing proposal operations for the Bourns College of Engineering at the University of California, Riverside. His office produced more than 500 proposals per year to generate about US$45 million annually, mostly in federal grants ranging in value from five figures to eight figures. Mitch helped researchers find suitable funding opportunities, plan and prepare effective proposals, and build good proposal writing skills. Now that he is retired, he volunteers as a proposal writer and strategist for very small non-profits, volunteers in the community, rides his bicycle more, and takes better care of his yard. Mitch holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and worked for 14 years as a news reporter and editor before beginning his proposal career.

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Oh, You Write Grants? No, I Write Proposals - Mitch Boretz​

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