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How to Implement an Effective Storyboarding Process?

-Ashley Kayes

Storyboarding is crucial in every business in order to understand and map the customer’s experience and thereby enable growth to the company. A storyboard is a visual guide that helps you bring home the bacon. Crafting an effective storyboard not only allows to see the bigger picture but also lets you zoom into the finer details.

The webinar aims to break the storyboarding process into scenes and in doing so make it lucid and comprehensible.

This webinar explores the history of storyboards to help participants understand why we storyboard and why it’s such a critical step in the proposal development lifecycle.

We’ll discuss key elements of storyboarding and how each piece translates into the final proposal draft. Then we’ll walk through the key problems with typical storyboarding processes and conclude with tips to increase storyboarding success. The top three takeaways include:


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About Ashley Kayes

Ashley Kayes is the Director of the Quality and Performance Center of Excellence at Key Solutions & Co-Host Scribble Talk. She is a certified APMP Practitioner and has more than fourteen years of experience in the field of proposal development. She is an excellent mentor and is ever ready to help professionals in everything related to proposal writing and development.

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