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Overcoming Proposal Writer's Block

-Olessia Smotrova

The proposal clock is ticking, pressure is building as the deadline is getting closer, and soon the stress becomes palpable. But you still have a hard time squeezing the words from your or your proposal team’s brains down on paper. You produce something by the deadline, because you have to. But you know that if you had produced the same proposal document earlier, you would have a chance to make it so much better and much more likely to win, because you would have the time to polish the draft.

In this one-hour class, you will learn nearly two dozen techniques for combating the proverbial “writer’s block” to help you and your proposal team get through your writing much faster with a lot less stress.

About Olessia Smotrova

Olessia Smotrova, CF APMP Fellow, has more than 20 years of experience in business development. She is the President of OST Global Solutions (www.ostglobalsolutions.com). She won more than $20 billion over the course of her career. She founded the Bid & Proposal Academy and created the first in the nation Registered Apprenticeship in Government Business Development. She has served for 2 years as the President of the National Contracts Management Association (NCMA) Bethesda/Medical Chapter, and for 2 years as the President of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) National Capital Area Chapter. Her skills span every aspect of business development, sales, and marketing. Prior to supporting hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses as a proposal consultant and growing OST, she worked as a business developer for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, and wrote for the Financial Times of London.

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Overcoming Proposal Writer's Block - Olessia Smotrova

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