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Who Needs Mentoring ?

- Alan Howard

A forum to explore mentoring and its usefulness in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

An opportunity to explore just what mentoring is and what it can do for you. Not only in your professional life but in your private life too!

Questions such as do I need a mentor? It’s not a weakness to ask for help. In fact it is a sign of strength to recognise the opportunity to grow

Would it benefit me to seek a mentor and how will it benefit me in my career?

Should you think about becoming a mentor to help others, and  are there  benefits I will gain as a mentor,  do you have skill(s) and knowledge that could be useful to others?

As mentee, receiving , and as a mentor, giving, the importance of an open mind and the willingness to learn are of great importance and will aid your personal and professional growth.

All this and more will become clear and possibly change your mind about mentoring. Both as a mentee and as a mentor, two sides of the same coin.

And lastly the opportunity to ask those questions that you always wanted to ask!​

About Alan Howard

My Bid and Consultancy experience over the last 30 years spans a wide range of organisations and clients.  Mainly in the contract sphere of employment. I am mainly requested to come in to sort out issues and problems that seem catastrophic. During this time, I have worked in the U.K. as well as across Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and the Far East.

I have worked in most sectors of business, including Defence and Government, Commercial industry sectors such as FM , Software supply , Insurance services, Professional services, Rail and Transport, Finance and Banking, outsourcing (both provision and delivery),  large and complex infrastructure projects as well as projects requiring in depth research and development prior to bid submission. I have worked extensively across Europe for such large public/defence organisations as NATO and the European Commission as well as commercial organisations such as IBM U.K., IBM Belgium, CSC, Rolls Royce, Govt of Jamaica, Prudential Bache, Skanska, Mastek, NATO and Zensar, UK Cabinet Office

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Who Needs Mentoring ? ​ - Alan Howard

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