Wordman Special: Supercharge Your Word Templates With Building Blocks

- Dick Eassom

Introduced with Word 2007, Building Blocks are an extension of the old AutoText feature that allowed you to insert a block of text with a shortcut key combination. But Building Blocks are far more powerful than simple AutoText! With Building Blocks, you can create a simple content management system, especially when combined with the Content Controls we learnt how to use last time. If you use pre-defined content in your proposals and you’re wasting time looking for the latest version of the source or inserting foldouts, section dividers, or other special document content, then watch this presentation!

Office Hours Webinar with Dick Eassom

About Dick Eassom

Dick Eassom, aka Wordman, is a Vice President at SMA, Inc., a certified APMP Fellow, past APMP Chief Executive Officer, Chair of the APMP Western Chapter, recipient of the APMP Founders’ Award, and a presenter at 18 APMP Annual International Conferences and numerous APMP chapter events. Dick authored over forty “Wordman’s Production Corner” articles published in the APMP Perspective and has twenty-five years’ experience developing and leading proposals of all shapes and sizes to a wide variety of market sectors in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. He recently presented at BPC Dallas.

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