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Outbound and Inbound Concepts

Baskar Sundaram

In the Outbound approach, the organisation reaches out to the customers, whereas, in the Inbound approach, the customer reaches out to the organisation. Inbound focuses on attracting the customers.

            If you are bidding for a tender that has been published on Tender portals, then it is called Reactive Bidding Approach. In this type, the competition is really high as the tender portals are open to all the bidders out there. The chances of winning such a proposal are comparatively low. But, if the tender is a closed one and you are contacted directly by the head of the company, then the competition is less and the chances of winning are more.

            In order to achieve a closed tender, your brand should be popular and trusted. As stated in the inbound approach, the customers should be attracted towards your brand and come in search of the products. According to the customer, the brand matters a lot. Even if the product is of high quality, the customer will buy it if and only if he/she trusts the brand. The customer will never buy an unknown product and here, the concept of branding becomes important. It is necessary to brand the products properly and gain the attention as well as the trust of the people.

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