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Don’t Let Deadlines Dictate Your Life

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Frustration is a feeling we all experience. This emotion is usually felt when we are trying out something new, doing a different task or trying to gain progress. We start to feel insecure, ridiculous and even uncomfortable. This is why most people stay within their comfort zone because stepping out is often associated with such negative feelings.

Thus feeling frustrated has caused a barrier within us all. This emotion prevents us from trying out new things. Most people fail to see that this sense of inhibition is only temporary. Once you actually get over your initial fear and frustration, you can easily achieve whatever you have set out to do. You will begin to enjoy the process of learning. But most importantly when you try out new things and get out of your comfort zone, it shows your personal growth. This occurs because you are doing things that are out of your normal frame of mind.

This is also a fundamental quality that separates successful people from the rest of the crowd. Successful people do not let any barrier stand in their way. They often try out new things and get out of their comfort zone. Unsuccessful people usually give up halfway. But successful ones persevere no matter what. This not only shows personal development but these people also are more experienced. They have rich and varied amount of experiences that they have gained from trying out new things which help them later in life.

Overcoming your initial frustration and barrier can be achieved in three ways.

Get Information

When you want to try out something new you often end up feeling really lost and clueless. The new task can seem overwhelming. So start small. Your first step is to gather all the necessary information about your new endeavour. Suppose you want to learn to dance or cook, just start reading about dancing and cooking. Then you can join a dance or cooking class. Want to start a new business? Talk to other entrepreneurs. Doing this makes the whole task seem easier and you will not feel overwhelmed.

Increase The Difficulty

When you want to start doing something, do not start with the most difficult part. Start off with the easiest tasks like waking up early or just going to the gym. Once the overcome that initial barrier you can increase the difficulty. Now your task is to do thirty minutes cardio. With consistency and hard work you can easily master what you have set out to learn.

Change Your Beliefs

There are certain invalid beliefs that stop us from getting out of our comfort zone. They are:

We Need To Good At Something When We Start

We think that we require a certain amount of skill at each level. This often leads to frustration because we expect ourselves to be performing better. Instead of feeling frustrated, feel proud and happy that you had the guts to try something new.

Something Is Impossible If We Do Not “Get It” At First

This is far from the truth. This belief makes us give up easily. Focus on developing your skills and you will eventually achieve your goal. Understand from your mistakes along the way.

There Are Certain Things That We Cannot Do

Such beliefs are very limiting and will often hinder you from trying out new things or learning new skills. Though some things are beyond your comfort zone, they are still nonetheless achievable.


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