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Baachu Scribble's Leading Trainings and Certification

Baachu Scribble's Leading Trainings and Certification are Perfect for New Bid & Proposal Professionals & Seasoned Veterans Looking to Brush Up on Basics.

Certification Courses

Baachu offers professional certification programs which will serve as an attestation of an individual’s level of knowledge or proficiency in Proposal Building as well as in the Sales & Marketing field. Each certification program consists of a well planned and detailed syllabus catering to current industry standards designed by experienced professionals. At the end of each course, an online examination is held, on passing which an industry accredited Certificate is provided. Thus establishing you as an expert in that technology. Baachu also offers digital badges that leverage BadgeOS, hence your accomplishments can be displayed in your email signature, LinkedIn profile, Twitter status update, your website and more.

Each Certification course consists of:

  1. Multiple core modules of study broken down into chapters
  2. A quiz at the end of every chapter
  3. Three Mock Quizzes at the end of the course
  4. Final Certification MCQ online exam
  5. Baachu Certificate and Digital Badge

Proposal Specialist Course

The Proposal Specialist Certification course equips you with everything you need to write winning proposals. The course examines various aspects of proposal and tender writing and treats each subject elaborately.


Sales Specialist Course

The Sales Specialist Certification course equips you with everything needed to generate sales. The course details all the stages in a sales process and is designed to make you an expert in moving your sales prospects through the sales process/funnel until they eventually become revenue-generating customers.

Bitesize Courses


Bitesize courses are micro-courses designed to give you bite-sized shots of knowledge on core concepts in Proposal Building and Sales & Marketing.

Each Bitesize course consists of:

  1. A Bite-sized guide
  2. A quick reference sheet

Action Captions

Proposals need to have graphics wherever appropriate. However, these graphics must be accompanied by appropriate action campaigns in order to your proposal achieve the desired effect. Take this mini-course to understand the nuances behind adding the right action captions.


Active and Passive Voice

Although the same sentence written in both active and passive voices have similar meaning, the implied emotion and tone are very different. Take this mini-course to find out how to use active and passive voice effectively to your advantage in proposals.



For casual reading, appendices, attachments, and annexes might appear similar. However, when it comes to proposal evaluation, they have  specific meanings. Take this mini-course to understand how and where to use appendices, attachments and annexes to make your proposal more effective.


Bid Decisions

Bid Decisions are aimed at removing opportunities that you have a low probability of winning. Here, a greater focus is brought upon opportunities with a better probability of winning. Take this mini-course to find out the questions your bid team should ask themselves before  choosing to respond to an RFP.


Capture Planning

Capture Planning is the process of identifying opportunities, understanding the environment, and formulating winning strategies tailored towards winning a specific business opportunity.

Take this mini course to learn how to formulate an effective capture plan.


Customer Focus

Every organisation thinks they are customer-focused, but more often than not, since they do not communicate it in their proposals. 

Take this mini-course to ensure that your proposals are truly customer-focused and address the hot buttons appropriately. 



Discriminators are features in your proposal or solution that are different from your competitors’ offerings. To be a true discriminator, one specific feature needs to be acknowledged by your customer as an important one.

Take this mini-course to understand how to identify discriminators and project them in your proposal. 


Price to Win

To achieve successful Price-to-Win strategies, there are a few parameters that you need to focus on. Take this mini course to learn the formula to craft effective Price-to-win strategies. 


Kickoff Meetings

Kickoff Meetings set the tone for the project. They are critical milestones that need careful planning and execution.  

An effective kickoff meeting informs and includes all the stake holders, initiates open communication and inspires the team. 

Take this mini-course to find out how exemplar teams conduct kickoff meetings. 


Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Features, Advantages, and Benefits are needed to make sales, be it in person or through a proposal.

Take this mini-course to learn the nuances of linking features to benefits and highlighting benefits in order to influence the customer.


Daily Team Management

Daily Team Management is critical to efficiently executing the proposal management plan. Keeping a tab on things early ensures that any risks or issues are highlighted early, thereby reducing rework and frustration. 

 Take this mini-course to understand how you can manage your team daily and effectively. 


Theme Statements

A theme statement is a business practice that involves a written statment that links customer benefits to product features. 

Take this bitesize course to know how you can leverage theme statements to win an edge over your competition. 


Compelling Selling Techniques

Compelling Selling Techniques are a useful addition to any proposal writer’s toolkit. A proposal needs to hit the right buttons in order to reach the customer. 

Take this bitesize course to know how you can leverage powerful selling techniques to boost your proposal. 

Execution Plans


Baachu’s Execution Plans are mini-sized courses that give you in-depth knowledge about the core concepts in Proposal building and Sales & Marketing. All the courses come with our well thought-out, ready-to-use and downloadable templates that will offer a real-time work execution platform that makes your proposal building / sales & procurement easier and more efficient.

When you take this course, you will get:

  1. A Comprehensive Guide
  2. A quick reference sheet
  3. A free downloadable ready-to-use template

Content Plans

Content plans are used to create consistent, compliant and well-organized proposals. 

Teams should not start writing a content plan until there is a clear and shared view of what the plan is.  

This execution plan will enable you to design your proposal with a clear view of the plan. 


Review Management

To effectively manage organizational cycles of reviews, teams must understand, practice and work to improve execution of reviews.

Effective functional review management shows executive and organizational commitment to disciplined business acquisition. This execution plan highlights the fundamentals of the Review Management.


Bidder Comparison Matrix

A Bidder Comparison Matrix (BCM) is a tool that helps to ,compare your capabilities to that of your competitors. It is, therefore, important that you use it to highlight how your proposal delivers in comparison with the others. 

This execution plan deals with various aspects of BCM. 


Proposal Theme Statements

Well-written themes provide a clear reason for capturing the attention of evaluators. It is an effective way to distinguish your offering from that of your competitors. 

This execution plan examines proposal theme statements and how you can use them effectively to your advantage. 


Value Propositions

A Value Proposition is an orderly way of expressing and validating best value. It is used by many organizations in the B2B sector and theoretically, in the government sector. 

The importance of linking the features of your solution with benefits is paramount in order to convince the customer. 

This execution plan deals with value propositions which forms an important aspect of a successful proposal. 


Executive Summary

Execution Summary is a concise, informational and persuasive piece of writing which convince the customer that your offer is superior than that of the competitor.

This execution plan deals with executive summaries that must be part of every effective and confident proposal. 


Effective Sales Closure

“The close” in the sales process is the stage where the conversation moves to a sale. The close sounds like a single step in the sales process but it is an ongoing series of events that occur throughout the selling process.

This execution plan helps you understand how to correctly qualifying leads, pre-approach and approach techniques, right presentation styles, and handling objections which are crucial to closing the sale.


Handling Objections in Sales

As a Business Development(BD)/Sales professional, you will often encounter situations where your sales pitch is met by a hesitation to buy your product/service.

Buyers often have reservations and hence, objections are unavoidable for even the most effective and established BD/sales professional.

This execution plan helps you understand and resolve these objections.


Creating Sales Presentations

Sales presentations are critical to an organisation’s sales effort but are often overlooked and denied the time and attention they deserve. Teams often put together the presentation at the last minute, losing their chance to maximise the benefits from this powerful sales tool.

A good sales presentation helps you build a connection with your prospects, allowing you to offer a fresh perspective on why you have the best solution for the client’s needs.

This execution plan helps you to create a well-designed and structured  sales presentation.


Dealing with Negotiations in Sales

Negotiation is an essential part of a sales process, since a considerable time for selling is spent negotiating. Negotiation occurs informally throughout the sales process and more formally, when specific proposals are discussed.

Focusing on the customer’s needs and priorities and adopting this approach often results in mutually beneficial negotiations.

This execution plan helps you understand when and what you can negotiate and the broad list of negotiables that could help you strike a better deal.


Prospecting in Sales

Prospecting is the first step in the typical seven-step sales process which is widely followed by BD/sales professionals. The process of Prospecting involves finding potential customers, ascertaining whether they need your product/service and whether they can afford what you offer.

This execution plan helps you understand how to identify prospects and move them through the sales process/funnel until they eventually become revenue-generating customers.

Tools & Templates


Every bid team requires professional digital templates to process customer needs and deliver impeccable winning proposals. Creating a convincing proposal will present you with more business opportunities, but how can you ensure that you remember to include all the necessary information? Fill-in professional proposal templates will give you an outline to follow and make it easier to organize your information in the correct format.

      Similarly in today’s competitive business landscape, no organization will succeed without a thorough, adaptable and strategic sales plan. To gain and retain customers, all businesses rely on their strategic sales teams to understand the market’s changing demands and to meet its needs.

Baachu’s downloadable templates provide a real-time work execution platform that makes your everyday proposal building/sales and marketing much more easier and impactful.