Certification Course

Proposal Specialist Course

The Proposal Specialist Certification course equips you with everything needed to write winning proposals. The course examines various aspects of proposal writing and treats each subject elaborately. We highly recommend taking this course if you are preparing for the APMP foundation certification. 

The course consists of 5 units which are as follows

  1. Introduction to the Business Development Lifecycle
  2. Focus on the Customer
  3. Create Deliverables
  4. End-to-End Process
  5. Tools and Systems

Mini courses

Action Captions

Proposals need to have graphics wherever appropriate. However, these graphics must be accompanied by appropriate action campaigns in order to make your proposal achieve the desired effect. Take this mini-course to understand the nuances behind adding the right action captions.


For casual reading, appendices, attachments, and annexes may seem similar, however when it comes to proposal evaluation, these have quite specific and different meanings. Take this mini-course to understand how and where to use appendices, attachments and annexes to make your proposal more effective.

Bid Decisions

Bid Decisions are aimed at removing opportunities that you have a low probability of winning. This permits greater focus on opportunities that you have a better probability of winning. Take this mini-course to pick up on the questions your bid team should ask themselves before choosing to respond to an RFP.

Capture Planning

Capture Planning is the process of identifying opportunities, understanding the environment, and formulating winning strategies tailored towards winning a specific business opportunity.Take this mini course to learn how to formulate an effective capture plan.

Customer Focus

Every organisation thinks they are customer focused, but more often than not, they do not communicate it in their proposals. Take this mini-course to ensure that your proposals are truly customer focused and address the hot buttons appropriately.


Discriminators are features in your offer or solution that are different from your competitors’ offerings. To be a true discriminator, that specific feature needs to be acknowledged by your customer as an important one. Take this mini-course to understand how to identify discriminators and project them in your proposal.

Price to Win

To achieve successful Price-to-Win strategies, there are a few parameters that you need to focus on. Take this mini course to learn the formula to craft effective Price-to-win strategies.

Kick-off Meetings

Kick-off Meetings set the tone for the project. They are critical milestones that need careful planning and execution.

An effective kick-off meeting informs and includes all the stake holders, initiates open communication and inspires the team. Take this mini-course to find out how exemplar teams conduct kick-off meetings.

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

Features, Advantages, and Benefits are needed to make sales, be it in person or through a proposal. Take this mini-course to learn the nuances of linking features to benefits and highlighting benefits in order to influence the customer.

Daily Team Management

Daily Team Management is critical to efficiently executing the proposal management plan. Keeping a tab on things early ensures that any risks or issues are highlighted early, thereby reducing rework and frustration. Take this mini-course to understand how you can manage your team daily and effectively.