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There’s no better way to learn a skill than from someone who’s already mastered it, and that’s exactly what an apprentice gets the opportunity to do. A Bid and Proposal Professional works with the whole team to best try and attain work contracts from customers. As the apprentice, you will also develop these skills. As a Bid and Proposal Co-ordinator your job will be to assist a new business during the proposal process from start, to completion.

You will have to look at the initial interest phase, facilitate communication throughout the process and checking qualifications, and the finally providing and submitting the tender proposal documentation. As a co-ordinator you must support all factions of the project to ensure and help with quality and timely completion. Other roles include but are not limited to: sector analysis, trend analysis, and strategy development to win business.

At the end of this apprenticeship, you will have developed a wide range of skills that can lend themselves to a variety of career paths, in addition to bid and proposal co-ordination. Other job opportunities include: project management, sales, general management positions and procurement. The typical apprenticeship lasts about two months’ time, but can benefit you for a lifetime.

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