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Proposal Persuasion

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Baskar Sundaram

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Persuasion is:

  • Part Differentiation
  • Part Positioning
  • Part Motivation
  • Part Anticipation
  • Part Strategy
  • Part Value Proposition
  • Part What Matters
  • Part Copy Writing and Presentation

Part Differentiation

Differentiation is the key as it is how you make your bid special.

Everything can be differentiated, even when the customer forces everyone to bid the exact same thing.

Part Positioning

To compare the proposal against competition, the proposal must be stronger, faster, cheaper, better, more credible, more trustworthy, less risky and more technical. The evaluator has to relate your proposal to:

  1. Competitive environment
  2. Customer’s objectives
  3. Requirement of the opportunity
  4. Any alternative considered or things that might impact the project

Positioning = Defining Relationships,  it will be compared to alternatives, approaches or solutions

Part Motivation

To anticipate that the evaluator will accept your proposal is not right!

Give him the right reasons – Motivate him to accept your proposal.

Part Anticipation

A clever step is to anticipate how the evaluator will reach their decision.

If the evaluation is a formal process, then understanding and anticipating it can help you optimize your proposal to win the evaluation.

Part Strategy

Extremely important to do your strategy homework to stick on against the competitors.

Part Value Proposition

Price is always more than just a number; hence value is always a consideration for the customer.

A value proposition is the explanation of what real pricing means.

Your value proposition is more than just a strength or justification for your pricing. It is your booster!

Part What Matters

Simple explanations of what matters show insight and add value.

Alignment of what you offer and what matters is an advantage!

Part Copy Writing and Presentation

By giving the right inputs, effective copy gets attention and sets the stage. A good presentation will create the right impression. The effectiveness depends on your ability to anticipation.

Go ahead! Deliver a great proposal!

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