What are Proposal Theme Statements?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Proposal theme statements should capture the essence of the proposal and underpin all of the content within it. They are short, to the point and easy to understand. They should address customer needs with benefits that highlight any features of your company’s products or services. By following the guidelines below, you can create a statement that will capture the attention of your audience and help you win the bid.

Proper Outline

The proposal theme outline should follow the structure and flow themes from your opportunity/sales strategy, win theming (what we offer), customer hot buttons(why they buy)and features. Use proposal themes as a way to ensure a consistent message and linkage of benefits throughout each section. You should also develop feature-benefit pairs to better highlight your product or service offerings.

The core of your response should have a theme that flows from one section to the next. Use proposal theme statements to organize ideas around specific strategies, features and benefits throughout each major section. This will help a writer or reader get all the necessary information about this topic at once when reading.

Consistency is Key

Theme statements are an essential part of your proposal. They’re what convince the client that you understand their needs and can help them meet those goals with innovative solutions, so it’s important to format all theme statements consistently in order not to miss any opportunities for scoring points.

Customer Focused

Maintaining a customer-focused tone of voice throughout your writing is key to developing proposals with the correct themes and messages. Placing benefits before features, tying them into issues that concern clients most often or naming customers first will help you sustain attention from evaluators while also communicating less risk overall for potential investors/partnerships in this process.

Read and Check

Read your section theme statements out loud, taking care to make sure they are believable and sound like something that any person might say. If you find yourself stopping, try recasting sentences in a simpler language that is easier for most people to understand instead of using complex phrases or jargonism. It’s important how earnest our words are. Theme statements should sound believable.

Theme statements are vital to the success of your proposal. They help you stand apart from other proposals. Make sure that what you’re offering will resonate with evaluators. They should highlight your solution’s strongest points and address an issue or concern that competitors cannot solve.

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