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Why do Compaies Lose Winnable Contracts?

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Baskar Sundaram

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Companies losing proposals is a common phenomenon but the doom lies in placing the blame on traditional reasons without a proper analysis to understand where you got it wrong.  Unsustainable customer approach, flawed price structures, and incompetent personnel are the common cans to put your blames on.  What one requires is to analyze the deeper elements embedded in the process of meeting a proposal. Here are a few factors you could focus on before the bidding, or even after losing a proposal.

Realize The Karmic Purpose

Every company that goes trudging after the sole purpose of winning the bid has every chance to lose it severely without any fruit. Inspiring member of the company with a vision of fruit. Inspiring every member of the company with a vision of performing a task for the greatest good at a reasonable price for the benefit of the public. Winning is merely a method to achieve this. Inciting this thought in the minds of every unit of the company gives them a moral ignition. This thought can transform sheer work and perspiration to an act of social service which eventually gives them vigor and satisfaction in the end.

This is because the number of wins is not what decides the value of a Company but its impact on the public or the customer. The better the effect the higher you will be judged no matter how many failures you have on the other side of the board. If you are successful to pave a road forward, you can be counted as victorious.

Pipe Up The Confident You

The second element is more like a side-effect for the first. Confidence, like every venture, is necessary for the bidding bit here it should be taken beyond oneself. Confidence must be imparted to every member of the company. Moreover, the future must be seen through the confident eyes of a customer. As long as you can keep the confidence of the customer, accomplishing every option presented in the proposal. The ultimate satisfaction of you and your company definitely lies in that.

Realizing that the real reason behind every individual engaged in any field in the world is to gain significance. In a room full of people full of peoples will be given attention only when they gain significance. Therefore, in an economy where the features that distinguish the companies is getting lesser staying different is the only way to attain significance. Working away from the common temptations of a corporate company is a beginning. These factors might help you on your way to significance.


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