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The Enterprise Ready Learning Platform

Customised Learning for Your Team

How it Works?

STEP 1: Diagnose

We will assess existing strengths and potential gaps, both at the team and the individual level, so your company’s training plan is truly CUSTOM with Baachu’s online self-assessment tool and short multiple-choice examination for all the candidates testing the following SIX Key Competency Areas (APMP Best Practice)

Scribble Enterprise
Scribble Enterprise

STEP 2: Design

We’ll work with you and your managers to build a custom-tailored plan for each team member so they take only the trainings they need, in the exact sequence they need to take them in, reducing friction and frustration and increasing the speed to ROI.

STEP 3: Implement

Our Client Success Managers will work with you to roll out the training and documentation plan across all participants, and help cement a culture of growth and learning throughout the entire organisation. 

Scribble Enterprise
Scribble Enterprise

STEP 4: Validate

Our LMS provides detailed analytics on users plus We won’t leave you hanging! Our 30, 60, and 90 day check-in and followup plans ensure team members stay on track and exceed their goals.

STEP 5: Operationalise

This is when things get REALLY fun! Our Client Success Managers with work with you to customize and tweak any trainings (based on staff feedback and LMS Analytics), document all tribal knowledge into shareable Playbooks, and integrate your new-found training and documentation plan into all new employee onboarding ensuring that growth never stops.

Scribble Enterprise

APMP Certification Training in partnership with Baachu Scribble

Baachu Scribble is Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Approved Training Organisation (ATO). Our 3 step hybrid Solution to help your bid team attain 100% success in APMP Foundation, Practitioner and Capture Practitioner Exams​. 

You are in good company

Scribble Enterprise

Let Us Train and Equip Your Bid Team For You

Scribble Enterprise

Automate the Training Process

Leverage our comprehensive bid training library to build a rockstar bid team that gets results

Scribble Enterprise

Uplevel Your Existing Team

Stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and changes thanks to real-time course updates and notifications

Scribble Enterprise

Document Your Processes

Checklist-style "Playbooks" make process documentation easy, so learnings STICK and ideas get IMPLEMENTED

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