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Bite-Size Courses

Basics of Bid Management


Bid management is a wholesome process that involves different stages including discussion, collection of opinions and decision-making. The process primarily requires a proper plan and an efficient team to execute the plan. Bid management ensures that the proposals are competitive, complete and comply with RFP guidelines. This is carried out by defining a strategy and then building the proposal according to the strategy with the help of some bid management tools.


Assigning roles & responsibilities, proofreading and recording the progress are some of the tasks that a Bid Manager is required to fulfil.

Key takeaways :

Through the course, get to know the necessities of Bid Management, the role of a Bid Manager and the importance of communication. The course will also assist you in selecting the best Bid Management tool with some examples and tips.

Date : 12/11/2021

Executive Summaries & Cover Letters


Executive summaries and cover letters are often mistaken as the same thing. But in reality, they are two different things with a few similarities. Both of them should be crafted in such a way that the customer is always placed at the centre. An executive summary addresses the client’s hot buttons and proposes solutions whereas a cover letter provides more details including how you are different from your competitors and how your prospects or customers can contact you.

Key takeaways :

The course guides you through the process of making your executive summary & cover letter stand out from the crowd. The key components of both executive summaries and cover letters are being discussed in detail. Get to know the difference and learn to put executive summaries and cover letters into action.

Date : 19/11/2021

Copy Tools that Help Conversion


A successful copy is the one that connects with the audience and helps conversion. There are a number of features that make a copy appealing and attractive. Headlines keep the prospect reading whereas the benefit bullets urge them to have what you are offering them. Providing deadlines ad creating a sense of urgency will also help i making the customer take the action immediately. Presentation is always the key to success.

Key takeaways :

Get to know the different tools that can be used in order to create winning copies. The course equips you with strategies to seize the reader’s attention and lead them to click.

Date : 26/11/2021

Sales Boosting Offers


Offers are the best way to lead prospects into actual buying and thereby increase sales. The offer should reflect your understanding of their concerns and aspirations. It must be designed so as to include pop-ups, spin-to-win and other such interesting things. Measuring is as important as crafting offers. Setting and beating benchmarks is an effective way of making the offers competent.

Key takeaways :

Know the different components that make an offer attractive and more appealing. Also, get to know the tools that can be used to measure or test your offer. In addition to this, the course also provides an insight into the ways in which you can validate your offer.

Date : 03/12/2021

Headlines that Convert


Better headlines are not only attractive but they also fetch more clicks. Headlines can be categorized into three; social proof, threat and gain headlines. These headlines are used in different scenarios and create different effects in each situation. Headlines can be improved using simple techniques like adding question words or expressing fascination.

Key takeaways :

The course lays out the different strategies to make your headlines stand out. There is a detailed discussion of how headings under each of the three categories can be improved.

Date : 10/11/2021

Mastering Proposal Writing


Proposal Writing is not only persuasive but also descriptive. Along with being a document for persuading the customer, a proposal is also a record of the company’s goals and methods. There are certain guidelines that need to be followed in order to be a master of proposal writing. This includes conducting kickoffs, sharing status, reviews & revisions and so on.

Key takeaways :

The course provides you with the knowledge of how to master the art of proposal writing. It gives you an idea about when and where to get engaged while writing a proposal.

Date : 17/12/2021

The Effect of RFPs


RFPs have great influence on winning and definition of quality. Different types of RFP have different effects and what is good for one type may not necessarily be good for another. A poorly written RFP can change the whole game and leave a negative impression in the prospect’s mind. If there is any written instructions  in the RFP, then the proposal should follow them. If compliance is necessary, then it should be reflected in the proposal. Thus RFPs are the key to win strategies and successful proposals.

Key takeaways :

The course makes you aware of the impact of RFPs and how they lead to winning proposals. Get to know how different RFPs need to be considered according to the situation and how their impact changes for every other scenario. It also includes the questions that you need to ask yourself with regard to RFPs.

Date : 24/11/2021

Proposal Writing & Proposal Management


Proposal management and proposal writing are two different processes which need to be handled by two different people. What happens if the same person is given the responsibility of both? This will result in either lack of quality in writing or inability to get things done at the right time. Also, writing is a  process that requires supervision and quality check. Thus, proposal management and proposal writing should be assigned to different people with required skills in respective fields.

Key takeaways :

The course discusses why it is a grave mistake to have the same person for proposal management and proposal writing. It provides reasons for assigning a proposal manager and a proposal writer instead of assigning one person to fulfil both the roles.

Date : 31/12/2021

How to Influence an RFP


An RFP should be influenced in ways that ensure everything works in your favour. There are certain things that need to be considered before releasing an RFP. The first thing is whether the RFP itself is needed or not. The budget, pricing structure and scope are some among the many concerns that need to be addressed. Influencing RFPs greatly depend on the circumstances in which the proposal is made.

Key takeaways :

The course discusses the factors to consider in influencing an RFP. It presents the importance of basic components like resources, demonstrations, budget, evaluation, scheduling etc.

Date : 07/01/2021

Government Contracting for Small Businesses


The process of acquiring government contracts may often seem tiresome and exhausting. But the right procedure can make a huge difference and help you achieve the unreachable. The first step towards winning a government contract is identifying your own brand and then showing the world what you are good at. This will help you focus more and move towards success systematically. Knowing yourself and your place in the market at as the stepping stones upon which your whole business can be built.

Key takeaways :

Get to know the different stages of achieving a government contract and building up a successful business. The course lists out the essentials steps to be taken in order to achieve you goals.

Date : 14/12/2021

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