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The world is in a state of flux. We have gone from living a gutsy life to being afraid of everything, even to just stepping out of our own houses. Pandemic has completely shifted our lives. The threat of impending scarcity is everywhere.

So in lieu of feeding on the scarcity, we at Scribble have decided to choose a different path. Scribble is now opening the doors for everybody who is in search of a perfect portal for acquiring knowledge.

Scribble Insider offers free access to all available tools and resources like our Insider Articles and Scribble Short Talk. Our Insider Articles and library contain exclusive content on APMP conferences and materials to read covering topics ranging from sales and marketing, bid and proposal writing, self-development, business management and growth. Our Scribble Short Talk contains condensed versions of important information from our podcast Scribble Talk.

We are also offering our Scribble Plus membership free for a period of fourteen days. This will provide members access to all our 40+ Bitesize and Execution Courses covering various topics from bid and proposal writing, business development and sales. Members will also get access to our Microcertification courses, Jumpstart Workshops, Tools and Templates and Monthly Webinars recorded by our Founder, Baskar Sundaram. This level of membership also contains an invite to join our private, members-only community, Baachu Circle which is usually available for $20 a month. Our private community is a safe space for leaders and professionals to inspire, learn from and support each other. Our full Scribble Plus provides all this for just $45 a month or only $399 for a year.

We consider this as the right time to offer a helping hand and so we are trying to do what little we can we help all our peers in this industry. Maybe training and acquiring knowledge might be the last thing on our minds right now. But consider this pandemic as another challenge. Take this period as a way to reorganise your thoughts, come up with new strategies and plans to tackle the future. We hope that the resources available at Scribble will help guide you along with your preparation.

With all the changes happening around us think of this opportunity as a lively distraction. Not a futile distraction but a “healthy” one that will increase your knowledge and productivity.

So, whether the reason is personal or professional, do join Scribble, the best of its kind, for a greater learning experience.

Whatever the future may hold, we hope to help, support and guide you.

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