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Scribble Insider Issue 23 Blog on Bringing humor to workplace, Podcast with Andrew Fraser ,Bruce Farrell Scholarship Winner list announced!, Changes to APMP Training Courses from 1st Oct and more

Baskar Sundaram

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Issue #23

Friday, September 24th , 2021

” If you think you can or if you think you cant you are right- Henry Ford”

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Imagine working at a place where all you do is Work work and work ! sounds boring right? We humans are social beings who love to talk, share our opinions and of course have fun and be happy.  It is very important to have humor while working so that it will help you to reduce your stress levels and increase your productivity too. Humor help us to connect with our fellow colleagues and help each other in work .Humor can be used in every aspect of work to benefit everyone! Want to learn more on how to initiate humor in the workplace? Read the blog post below

Bringing Humour into the Workplace

Humour is one of the keys to success. It is important for career advancement and improves work ethic within the workplace. Research shows that laughter can relieve boredom and stress, increase engagement with others, and boost creativity and collaboration. Physically, laughter increases the consumption of oxygen rich air, which allows the brain to release a higher amount of endorphins. Continue Reading

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APMP Practitioner : DATE 1st October 2021, Time 2 PM UK, 2 places remaining Enroll now

APMP Foundation Virtual Live workshop India  Time : 10:00 – 14:30 IST : DATE 1st October 2021, ,4 places remaining Enroll now

APMP Foundation Virtual Live workshop US & Canada : DATE 1st October 2021, Time : 10:00 – 14:30 EDT, 4 places remaining Enroll now

Changes to APMP Training Programme 15 day Count down ALERT!

We have now supported 1000+ professionals towards APMP Certifications. Thank you for all the love and support.
New and Improved Products

FREE APMP RESOURCES for self study students ( 6 hours of Podcast, 15+ Articles covering Important chapters and 40 Sample Questions)

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Improved Quiz sections with further 40 Questions added

APMP Student forum and APMP Alumni forum inside our Circle Community platform

APMP Foundation Learning programme Life time access moves to 45 Day Restricted Access encouraging students to complete their studies and attain APMP Foundation Certification 6 weeks from course registration

APMP Practitioner Learning programme Life time access moves to 90 Day Restricted Access encouraging students to complete their studies and attain APMP Practitioner Certification 3 months from course registration

Get to know Human Leadership stories and learn on the GO...

This week our Guest for Scribble Talk Podcast was Andrew Fraser. He leads the Strategic Bids Team at WSP in the UK. . He leads a team of work winning professionals focused on securing our most important projects serviced from the UK. His 18 year career in bidding started with the environmental consultants ADAS.

He became part of WSP when Parsons Brinckerhoff was acquired by them in 2014. Throughout that time he has grown and developed the bidding function within the firm to what it is today – one of the best places to work.
Go get to know him and listen his talk by clicking the button below.

100+ APMP founding members and chapter leaders stories inside. Listen here

We have recently Launched our Scribble Talk Linkedin Page for our viewers to get updates of the latest episode do check it here : Scribble talk

Bruce Farrell Scholarship 2021 Winners Announced !

We at Baachu Scribble are so happy to announce the Winners of Bruce Farrell Scholarship. Bruce has personally chosen the 8 winners from the attendee list. This scholarship was only open to bid and proposal professionals attending the 2021 Together We Grow Virtual APMP Symposium hosted by the Greater Midwest and Rhythm & Harmony Chapters. Find out who the winners are by Clicking here.

Click the button below to join the celebration

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  • Complete access to our Learning Management System (LMS) to track your (or your team’s) progress

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