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Scribble Insider Issue #26 – This week’s treasure box is here. Blog on Buying and Selling, inspiring stories from Graham Ablett, Lessons for this week, Today’s Trivia, Memberships & Deals, and much more.

Baskar Sundaram

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Issue #26

Friday, October 15th , 2021

What is Buying and Selling?

Buying & Selling are two terms that have worn out because of their overuse. But what exactly do the terms signify? Do buyers simply mean individuals who buy goods? Can the government be a seller? To know the answer to all these questions, check out this scribble blog on “What is selling and buying?” Click here

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Today's Trivia

If you want to feel more energized, sleep is crucial. However, it’s not the only factor that contributes to our energy levels. Certified holistic nutritionist Kristin Dahl shares nine ways to fuel our systems everyday that have nothing to do with sleep. Read More

Lessons for This Week

Kickoff Meetings

In order to set the tone of a project, kickoff meetings are necessary. A kickoff meeting can be considered as the starting point of the project where the team gets to know about the project. Click here to know more about Kickoff meetings and how they are conducted. Know more

Daily Team Management

The efficient execution of the proposal management plan depends on the daily management of the team. Team management helps in the early detection of issues and thereby reduces the risks, reworks and frustrations. Know more

Sagas to Reflect and Soak Up

This week our guest for Scribble Talk Podcast was Graham Ablett. He is the Director of Strategic Proposals, UK and has almost twenty years experience in proposals His areas of work include winning projects by providing ‘hands-on’ strategic proposal and presentation support, delivering interim management and consultancy services, proposal skills development coaching and APMP training.

Graham holds the highest level of proposal certification- Professional. He has supported clients across a wide range of industries such as IT, travel, logistics facilities management and so on.

Get to know him and listen to his experiences by clicking on the button below.

100+ APMP founding members and chapter leaders stories inside. Listen here
We have recently Launched our Scribble Talk Linkedin Page for our viewers to get updates of the latest episode. Do check it out here : Scribble talk

Fun Fact Video Of The Week

Memberships & Deals

Be the master of what you do. Doesn’t sound easy, right? That’s why we have developed the online community for bid and proposal profession for you. We’ll guide you through the bid and proposal journey and ensure that you reach the zenith, not worn out but more enthusiastic.
Become a Scribble+ member and get access to 30+ Execution plans & Bites, 12+ Jumpstart workshops 12+ Micro Certification workshops, Monthly webinars and more. Sign up for our 14-day Free Trial and get a glimpse of what we offer.
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The Scribble Newsroom

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The Scribble Newsroom is specially designed to make sure that you don’t miss any updates or news from us. Through the newsroom, you can have access to everything including the newsletters, scholarships and much more. Know More

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