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Find out three hobbies that you love: One to make you money, One to keep you in shape and One to keep you CREATIVE


We grew up conditioned to believe that hard work and hard work alone determines the extent of our success. But the people we look upon are the ones who sustain a balance to life through fixed routines which incorporates time for The Rituals, or as we call it, the hobbies and interests.

What do you feel when you realize Bill Gates and Warren Buffet shares a love for playing bridge and Elon Musk plays video games when they are free?

We are here to bring you to the fun side of every successful soul and take you closer to the way these individuals maintain a balance in their life with the help of a hobby. With Scribble Talent, let us understand the sources of energy that helps them pursue their ambitious goals.


Find out the unusual hobbies and unexplored fields of interests to make your day lighter and more cheerful.

Scribble Talent

Story Time!

            Two farmers of Noma Gic had a unique way of farming, and it’s not hard to see why. The first farmer would never stop working on his farm for any length time; he’d spend every waking moment there and sleep by the field where they were growing wheat or barley (depending upon season). As if that weren’t enough effort enough…he also planned out what work needed doing next! Whereas as second guy simply got up at dawn each day- no matter how warm beneath sun might be -to go about business as usual with whatever weather gods being kind today provided him.

                The second farmer worked the same hours as his predecessor, but he was more aware of when it is appropriate to take a break. He would spend time sharpening or resting in between tasks so that during harvest season there’d be no difference between him and the first guy. When all had finally been gathered into piles from their work on this earth, it didn’t take long for the former to ask adn arrive at the lesson of BALANCE IN LIFE.


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