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Scribble Talk 2.0: Learn The Podcasting Process

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Baskar Sundaram

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It is 2022 and there are millions of new listeners to the new audio medium – the on-demand Podcasts. But do you know how each episode of this edutainment media is created? 

Get closer to the podcasting process with Scribble Talk.. 

Like every interview show, Scribble Talk team begins by creating list of possible guests for the podcasts which are filtered by country, profession, expertise, company and association with proposal industry organization APMP.

Guest list is reviewed next, and the recording invites are sent to guests. Once the guests confirm, we lock the recording date. 

This step is followed by sending out the link to previous episodes giving our guests a hint to what to expect on the locked recording date.

We will then share an abstract script with possible questions and topics to our confirmed guests. Along with this conversation, we also collect the bio, hobbies and a profile image of the guest to do our background reading and to inform our listeners of the upcoming guests.

Then comes the recording day! Through the Zoom platform, our hosts Baskar Sundaram and Ashley Kayes interview our guests in an informal conversation to discuss their early life career, trajectory, APMP contributions, secret hobbies and passion and the people influential in their life and career.

With exciting conversations and fun Nutter’s Round, (rapid random fire questions and answers) in between we close our recording thanking our guests. But the podcast process has only begun!

After the recording comes the tedious process of editing the episodes. In two weeks’, time, the new episode is edited, and music is added for the transition points through the Audio software Audacity. Edited episode is then uploaded to our hosting platform – waiting to be published. The new episode is then shared with the guest to be reviewed and once the guest gives a thumps-up, the episode will go LIVE!

The new episode is then published, shared to our listeners in our official Scribble Talk LinkedIn page and an email is sent out to every subscriber informing them of the new episode which is ready to be enjoyed.

It costs us $45 per episode which includes the podcast platform fees, admin, editor fees and design. We have published circa 200 episodes. Scribble Talk has invested $12000 to document APMP History. Adding Baskar and Ashley’s Time to this mix will increase the investment cost to circa $50000 or more 

Our NEW platform charges us 0.59cents every time an episode is downloaded.

Most podcasts can supplement their membership revenue with ads. But not only did we not want to read ads, we have serious concerns about how this could compromise our listener’s trust. Our only boss is our listeners. We have built a premium listening experience program that will reflect the diversity of our listeners and hence we have created multiple entry points, including daily, monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions.

With Scribble Talk 2.0 we are bringing you 200+ already published episodes for $59/year (Early Bird Plan) and $500/lifetime (Early Bird Plan). Our Early Bird Plans will be available till 31st OCT. 

Experience 200 hours of audio lessons and stories for ONLY $59 a year, i.e $0.30 per episode 

We will also be publishing 50 more episodes (i.e 10 a month) by end of the year – four Scribble Talk episodes, two Scribble Talk Teaching Episodes and four Scribble Short Talk episodes, EVERY MONTH! 

1st NOV we will move to our standard $99/year annual subscription

Listen and download ad-free episodes any time of the day, contact us with your offer suggestions, comments and suggest topic ideas using our Ask-Me-Anything column and receive weekly newsletters. We will be offering you a customized podcast feed. 

With all the challenges and obstacles through the years, Scribble Talk 2.0 will continue forward sustaining the principles and values we always stick to!

Get the best of our Scribble Talk Podcast (world’s most listened podcast for business winning professionals) in our 2.0 upgrade. 

#thankyou for all the love and support. Looking forward in continuing our 2.0 journey with you from 1st NOV 2022. We Are In This Together.

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