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Today's Guest Is Kathryn Potter

Scribble Talk Episode 101 - Kathryn Potter

Kathryn Potter is originally from South Africa and started working in bids and proposals in the business travel industry in 2004 when she moved to the UK after a year as an English Foreign Language teacher in Germany. Most of her career has been freelancing and contracting and as a result of this she became an advocate for up-to-date content and centralised content libraries.

When she is not working on content and/or thinking about new ways to organise her favourite thing to do is spend time with her husband and two young daughters. She likes cooking as a family, going on cycling and camping adventures and watching movies. Kathryn also enjoys being creative and has written, illustrated and published a children’s picture book and has a second book waiting to be completed. Kathryn is also interested in gardening and that she is hoping to to produce all salad leaves for the summer and autumn garden veggie patch. She enjoys reading but don’t make enough time for it these days, her mom keeps telling me that life works in cycles and I’ll get back to it.

Kathyrn is a regular speaker at APMP events and was also sponsor to APMP UK 2020 awards.

Get to know the human side of your leader, Kathryn Potter.

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Scribble Talk Episode 101 - Kathryn Potter
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