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Scribble Talk

Showcasing stories of APMP veterans and the brightest bid & proposal minds in planet earth 

Today's Guest Is BJ Lownie

Scribble Talk - Episode 13 BJ Lownie

BJ Lownie was one of the 28 founding members of APMP, true “Proposal Patriot, an accredited Professional and elected Fellow of APMP and started Strategic Proposals in the US in 1987.  He is a truly “Passionate about Proposals”, an outstanding presenter and trainer and is recognised as one of the gurus of the proposal world. In his 35+ years’ working on proposals, BJ has worked on 1000’s of proposals, has trained 10000 proposal professionals and has presented at countless conferences.

In this episode we will discuss BJ’s 

  • Early Life at Farm 
  • Entry to Proposal Industry 
  • 3 things not many people know about him 
  • Founding APMP Member 
  • Strategic Proposals Journey with Jon Williams 
  • Passion about Proposals 
  • Music passion 
  • Unintentional Negatives Explanation 
  • Edu- tertainment at APMP Conferences 
  • Books and Blogs 
  • Advice to bid and proposal professionals 
  • Semi Retirement 

Few fun Qs…. 

Get to know the human side of your proposal expert and artist, BJ Lownie.

If you're ready to sacrifice who you are, for what you will become, then you will be invited to our show…

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Scribble Talk - Episode 13 BJ Lownie
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