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Today's Guest Is Noemi Schmidt

Scribble Talk Episode with 153 Noemi Schmidt

Noemi Schmidt is a bid professional with 13 years of Bid Management experience, 4years in IBM and 6 years within Computacenter, 10 years in total in IT in various countries, such as France, Hungary, Canada and UK and has filled roles as Bid Specialist, Bid Coordinator, Bid Manager, Senior Bid Manager and currently Team Leader Bid Management France. Living in the UK, Noemi has been working for Computacenter for 6 years. She has mainly covered French business and has always worked in a bilingual environment.  

Noemi is also a proud holder of APMP Foundation and Practitioner certifications, and is currently preparing for her Professional assessment is in progress. She also won the APMP 40 under 40 award in 2020.  

This bilingual bid professional spends her time engaging with various sports like gym, horse riding, recently tennis as well as water sports such as SUP etc. and is fond of traveling. Her interests is mostly focused on enrolling in “infinite” self-development activity and is practitioner of holistic relaxation techniques such as meditation, reiki, sound healing etc. 

In this episode we will discuss Noemi’s

  • Life and Career
  • Entry into the world of Proposals.
  • Experience with Bid and Proposals in multiple languages.
  • Encounter with APMP and her experience with the new-formed APMP Francophone Chapter.
  • Memorable proposals 
  • People influential in her life and career 
  • Advice to bid and proposal professionals 
  • Next Steps and 

Few fun Qs…. 

Get to know the human side of your leader behind your APMP certifications, Noemi Schmidt.

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Scribble Talk Episode 153 with Noemi Schmidt
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