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Scribble Talk Teaching Episode 28 - AI Powered Bidder Series

Scribble Talk Teaching

AI Powered Bidder - AI Tools, Hacks & Ask Me Anything (AMA) June

About AI AI Powered Bidder Series

Welcome, future AI pioneers, to a special edition of Scribble Talk Teaching! 🌐 Remember our high-octane “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) webinar in June, where we dived deep into AI tools, tricks, and trends? Now, it’s been revamped, enriched, and ready for your ears!

Prepare to be spellbound as we unravel June’s most electrifying AI revelations! 🌐 First off, imagine ChatGPT, but supercharged with Bing, delivering unparalleled real-time answers right from the web’s vast expanse. Got it? That’s what’s coming your way!

But the marvels don’t stop there. Dive deep into the mystique of Google’s Bard Workspace: from the magic of instant ‘Googling’ to generating three immersive drafts at the snap of your fingers and even beaming Bard responses directly to Gmail or Docs. It’s pure sorcery!

And there’s more brewing on the horizon. Ever heard of ForeFront AI and Ora AI? We’re about to take you on a tantalizing tour! For all the sales enthusiasts out there, gear up for a masterclass on cutting-edge presentation tools, showcasing the might of Remini, VennGage, Designs AI, Slides.AI, Decktopus, and Tome.

And if you’re seeking to be at the forefront of AI advancements, look no further! The UK is setting the stage this autumn for a groundbreaking global summit on AI safety. 🌍

To top it all, if you’re hungry to supercharge your AI journey, get the inside scoop on 45 freshly minted AI bootcamps and workshops ready to catapult you to new heights spanning the globe from North America to APAC. Whether you’re in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, India, Africa, the Middle East, or the APAC region, we’ve got you covered. Take this chance to amplify your bidding and proposal prowess with next-gen AI strategies.

Why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Elevate above the crowd, sharpen your bidding game, and watch your business or career trajectory skyrocket. 🌌 Check out our live workshops at https://baachuscribble.com/live-workshop/

And that’s not where it ends! Our commitment to you goes beyond a one-off session. Our course materials get a monthly makeover, ensuring you’re always a step ahead. As part of our elite alumni, get exclusive quarterly invites to refresher courses. Stay sharp, stay updated, stay unbeatable.

Plug in, power up, and let Baachu AI guide you to the future of bidding and proposals. Register TODAY and harness the AI revolution! 🎧”

 So, buckle up, tune in, and embark on this exhilarating AI expedition with us! 🎧”

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