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The APMP Greater Midwest chapter leaders with the mission for continuous evolution and progress through education and communications in the proposal industry are sharing their life story, career trajectory and people influential in their career in the following fifteen episodes. Listen to the leaders who inspired and mentored you and learn more about how they became the fearless leaders of the proposal industry.

Hayley Watkins, Professional Development Chair, Board of Directors, GMC

Amy Singer, Member, GMC

Caryn Kent Dean, Past Chair, Consultants Working Group

Bette Sturino, Communications Chair, GMC

Stacey Duwe, Consultants Virtual Networking Group Chair, GMC

Heidi Romero, Events Committee, GMC

Jennifer Dunlap, Events Committee, GMC

Samantha Enslen, Member, GMC

Kati Stutsman, Member, Board of Directors, GMC

Andrea Dunger, Member, Board of Directors, GMC

Elisabeth Megli, Communications Chair, GMC

Jenny Roemer, Member, Board of Directors, GMC

Bruce Farrell, Member, Board of Directors, GMC

Katherine Becchina, Chapter Chair, GMC

Heather Finch, Gives Back Chair, GMC

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