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If we know where we came from, we may better know where to go. If we know who we came from, we may better understand who we are.  The more you know your history, the more liberated you are.

Great achievements are usually born of great sacrifices and are never the result of selfishness. There is no grey area: You're either with that ethos, willing to go out of your way to help people or you aren't. We want to inspire future generation to choose to sacrifice over greed.

We dedicate Scribble Talk to these selfless patriots. Listen in and get to know them personally…

Hosted by Ashley Kayes
and Baskar Sundaram

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Scribble Talk is a weekly show produced by Baachu Scribble and hosted by Ashley Kayes and Baskar Sundaram. The duo will take you on a journey with APMP veterans and the brightest bid & proposal minds, diving deep into the topics that bid &  proposal professionals, like you, can use to help grow your skills and your business success.

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We mean it when we say that everything we do at Baachu Scribble is to help you become a “full-stack“bidder. So, how are we doing it with our podcasts? By sitting down with the industry veterans and the brightest bid & proposal minds on the planet, inviting them to share how our industry has evolved and what’s working right now in all facets of bid & proposals. Listen today and discover the history of our industry and the new tactics that can be implemented to win more tenders, grow your business and increase your bidding skill set!

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Scribble Talk Episode 151 with Lee Coogle




























Lorraine is a highly regarded bid and proposal specialist with an impressive 16-year track record leading winning teams. She thrives on the challenge of guiding teams to win the right business, cost effectively. Her exemplary people skills and attention to detail have been key in developing successful strategic outcomes for countless organisations across all sectors. Lorraine has achieved an average win rate of 90% across deals she has led for her clients. Her expertise extends to training, recruitment and organisational redesign.



Erin Green has 15 years’ experience in international government procurement, marketing, and management across several industries and countries including deep expertise in the US, UK, Singapore, and Japan. She was an inaugural winner of the APMP-NCA Scholarship for rising stars, served on the APMP-NCA chapter board in both the professional development and events committees, and won article of the year in 2017 for “Changing Scope of View”. She also won the “40 Under 40” honor from APMP in 2019. She has served as a mentor twice in the APMP-NCA chapter Mentor-Protegee program, and was part of the inaugural class of Protegees. She is currently the Vice President of Global Proposals at Maximus.



Candace Jenkins has more than 20 years of leadership experience in personnel management, team development, documentation management, and proposal production. She is APMP certified at the Practitioner level. She has successfully built and managed proposal and documentation teams at Northrop Grumman and Hewlett-Packard, helping to improve deliverable quality and acceptance and productivity in those organizations. She has successfully trained teams in skills from proposal management and coordination to editing to production, and she has created detailed process documentation as guides for the team and other internal groups. Candace is well-versed in managing both in-person and remote teams, successfully scheduling and planning resources in various locations and time zones. As an APMP-certified proposal manager, she has led multiple pursuit teams simultaneously, with a win rate of more than 85% and totaling more than $1.5B in TCV in 2020 alone, completing all opportunities within budget and on the original schedule. Candace works closely with executive leadership to support and drive strategic thinking and implements change across her organization to support current industry best practices to better support the sales organization. She has led and supported several global initiatives, including streamlining and developing processes and providing training. With a B.A. and graduate course work in English, Candace has excellent oral and written communication skills and is an effective leader and motivator. Candace has been an active APMP member for several years and has served on the NCA Chapter Board of Directors in multiple roles.




Len Miller joined Hinz Consulting in October 2016 and is a General Manager and Account Lead. He is responsible for supporting existing clients by providing the resources to support bid pursuits and provides value-add consulting via pipeline analyses, RFI/Sources Sought development/review, RFP analyses, bid/no-bid and bid team composition recommendations, and proposal reviews. He also pursues/wins new client accounts. He works special projects as assigned. He has over 38 years of experience in Federal/DOD and commercial business development, capture management, proposal management, product support, systems engineering, software engineering, software quality assurance, and program management. He has helped win over $37B since 1990 and has supported 17 $B+ proposals and multiple projects worth $100M+.

Prior to joining Hinz Consulting, Len joined Siemens Government Technologies (SGT) in September 2013, as the Director, Proposal Management. As SGT’s Director, Proposal Management, he built a proposal group and led these proposal professionals in planning, developing, producing, reviewing, and delivering Federal/DOD proposals either led by SGT or SGT-supporting other Siemens business units in winning Federal business. He was also a Senior Proposal Manager and selectively managed key/critical SGT-led proposals. Prior to working for SGT, Len worked at CACI International, Inc., for 11 years where he served in the roles of Vice-President, Intelligence and Classified Proposals Group and later, Vice-President, Proposal Strategy and Operations Group where he led a group of 82 proposal professionals. He oversaw proposal operations ensuring that all CACI proposals were submitted on time, within budget and with the highest level of quality and competitiveness. He provided guidance on win strategies and solutions. He also conducted and participated in various Capture and Proposal reviews. He oversaw proposal infrastructure and facilities, proposal production operations, proposal knowledge management and writing, and proposal coordination. He also taught CACI's capture and proposal writing courses. He also participated as a senior executive sponsor for CACI's BD Fellows program. Prior to CACI, Len was the Proposal Operations Manager at Ernst & Young Technologies; BD director at Bit by Bit; New Business Representative/Proposal Manager at SIMTEC, Inc., Software Quality Assurance Manager/Capture Manager, and Project Manager at DynCorp I&ET; and held senior operations, business development and technical positions at Delex Systems supporting the development and delivery of training systems/support to the U.S. Military, foreign military sales countries, and prime DOD contractors. He is a former member of the U.S. Air Force. Len holds a BS degree in Physics from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. He is a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) and is APMP Foundation level certified in proposal management. He has developed numerous articles and procedures on proposal and capture operations; has spoken at events on the topics of proposals, captures, BD, software quality assurance, and career planning; and has provided formal training to students about proposal development/writing and capture planning/execution.


Jody Alves is a 26-year proposal veteran, having worked since 1995 as a contractor and full-timer for International Game Technology (IGT, formerly GTECH), based in Providence, Rhode Island. Jody was born, raised, and educated in Rhode Island. Her path from the University of Rhode Island (URI) to today was a long and winding one – from working on a research program at a local psychiatric hospital, to account executive at a public relations firm (where she wrote her very first proposal!), to managing public relations and advertising for a local bank, to 19 years of freelance marketing communications to…Proposals! Beyond her day job, Jody teaches proposal writing at URI. For 8 years, she has introduced students to the profession, creatively taught the requisite skills for various proposal types, and created a feeder system for local businesses, including IGT. Currently, Jody works as a Senior Proposal Writing Specialist for International Game Technology. In December, Jody will complete her two-year term as a member of APMP’s International Board of Directors. She joined APMP in 2008, attended her first conference in 2011, and hasn’t missed one since. She presented at six BPC’s and at several chapter symposiums. Her APMP focus has long been on bringing more young people into the profession and developing content for commercial and public sector practitioners. She is working on bringing industry-specific programming to APMP members.

It's hard to list out every single passion Jody is after. To name a few, Jody is highly passionate about knitting since she was 6years old and has an Owl collection which started when she was 14. Being an avid reader, Jody only has 13 novels to go to complete the Top 100 novels of the 20th century. Apart from these, backyard birding, watching sports and working on New York Times crosswords and jigsaws fill her spare time.



A passionate mother, leader, entrepreneur with an Italian blueblood twist. Ros Pollio is currently Global Functional Lead of Bid & Proposal Management at Equinix. Ros has over two decades of commercial bid leadership experience in the discipline of winning business internationally with Equinix, Avanade, Verizon Business, EMC from Leading global teams through the sales development lifecycle in pursuit of business.
Following her studies in Languages and Literature in Italy, Ros began her career in the UK in the technology sector until motherhood where she spent a decade back in her hometown Italy to build a national family business – working for the Ministry of Infrastructure. Leading on her career back in the UK as a diverse and inclusive leader helping organisations adapt to diverse customers, markets, ideas, and talents.
Ros openly discuss the mental health issue in society, helping to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness close to her heart – attachment theory, abandonment, anxiety, complex PTSD, Trauma CBT Therapy. A good Italian cook makes the best Lasagna according to her brother who is a Michelin Chef!
Sky and Sea – Ros mirrors the same passion for food to the sea, motorboats are what she was exposed to since childhood – a family business that led to several Offshore XCat World Championship.
Her life purpose is her family, single mother of a beautiful daughter, Emanuela. Lover to her baby Maltese Henry and two cats Coco & Luna.


Kathryn Bennett, CPSM, is a proposal management expert and lean six sigma green belt with more than 12 years of sales and communications experience. As the Director of RFP Excellence at Loopio, she promotes best practices, advocates for the use of marketing automation, and spreads the good word about process improvement. Kathryn believes that every proposal manager deserves a 40-hour workweek. In her free time, Kathryn is a world-record-holding strength athlete and competes on the national level in the sport of strongman.


Morgan Anderson, CF APMP is a bids and proposal specialist with more than 8 years’ experience across multiple industries. Most recently, Morgan has consulted for private firms across the DC-metropolitan area to help standup proposal teams and produce quality, winning proposals. Morgan’s colleagues applaud her attention-to-detail, promptness, and willingness to get the job done. Finding value in helping small and emerging business to succeed, Morgan has made it her personal and professional mission to provide counsel to small businesses on how to navigate the federal procurement processes. She offers pro-bono consulting to small and minority businesses through webinars and partnerships with local non-profits. Morgan holds her M.S. in Marketing, is APMP certified at the Foundation Level, and was recently recognized as APMP’s 2021 Class 40 Under 40. She presently serves on the APMP National Capital Area Board of Directors. Morgan lives just outside D.C. where she enjoys cooking and watercolour painting– it is her goal to one day preserve her family’s recipes and design her own cookbook. Morgan is also an avid gamer and enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragon and strategy board games.


Jennifer is an accomplished senior proposal coordinator at Avtex Solutions, LLC a TTEC Digital Company, who is well versed in writing and editing responses. She’s been working on technical proposals for 5+ years. She achieved Foundation Certification from APMP in 2021 and recently received the 2020 Top Sales Enabler Award for her work in helping to generate sales through RFPs at Avtex. Got her B.A. from Indiana University, Bloomington with a major in journalism and a minor in business.


Jessica Rodriguez-Privett has over 10+ years experience in Proposals. She is currently Proposal Coordinator with Akima. Jess is APMP Foundation Certified.
Jessica has been active with APMP’s NCA chapter since 2017, volunteered at 2019’s Mid-Atlantic Conference, then joined the NCA Board in 2020, initially as the Annual Conference Chair in 2020, up until COVID-19 effectively shut down the 2020 MAC. She then transitioned to Marketing Co-Chair. She lives in the lovely mountains of VA with her husband, daughter and too many pampered pets.


Heather Finch first encountered the acronym “RFP” when seeking ways to diversify funding sources for a human services company in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. Since then, she has moved on to lead proposal teams in both the commercial and government sectors, refining processes and developing efficiencies along the way. The hobbies and interests Heather pursue are pretty diverse. She enjoys running, practicing yoga, crafting, starting home improvement projects and, occasionally completing home improvement projects. She attempts to try her hand in everything from reading, hiking, camping and exploring new places to most things ending with “ing”.




































































Krishna kumar (KK) comes with 28+ years of deep IT experience across India, USA, Australia and Singapore. He has worked with world class organizations like IBM, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Siemens and Mastek. KK has performed in a wide spectrum of roles from large Client Account Management, Consulting, Technology Lead, Pre Sales and Organization Process Head. KK has led many large ERP and Outsourcing deals. KK was a past member of the Board with Association of Proposal Management Professionals (www.apmp.org).  KK is Certified at Practitioner level and is also a contributing author to APMP’s Body of Knowledge (BOK) and the APMP Journal.







































Since 2012, Sarah




































Chris Simmons has 30+ years business development consulting experience including Deloitte Consulting and CGI/AMS. Chris is Founder & Principal at Rainmakerz Consulting LLC (served 200 customers and has won tens of billions in new business for his clients). An APMP Fellow and Certified Practitioner, Chris is former APMP National Capital Area Chapter (NCA) Vice President and Membership Chair and was also APMP NCA Mentor of the Year. Chris won the first ever John Elder APMP Journal Award for the topic  (How to Create Winning Proposal Themes). Chris has presented at numerous APMP International, NCA, other APMP chapters events. Chris was also voted as Consulting Magazine’s Top 25 Consultant. ​



Steve Skeldon is APMP Certified at the Practitioner level and currently works as a Senior Proposal Manager for Vectrus. He has more than 8 years of proposal experience across the Federal services industry, managing and supporting bids for a variety of customers across civilian and defense sectors of Government, with heavy support to Navy and Army clients. He is heavily involved in APMP at the local and international levels, receiving the distinction of being named a 40 under 40 in 2018 at the APMP International Conference in San Diego. Steve currently serves as the Vice President for the APMP National Capital Area Chapter and previously served as the Conference Co-Chair for the APMP NCA MAC 2019 conference. He holds a Bachelor degree from Roanoke College and a Master of Professional Studies from The George Washington University.



Jeff Leitner has 30 years of experience supporting proposals, capture, and business development across the public sector. Currently Vice President of Consulting for Red Team Consulting, he leads the company’s proposal, capture, and growth strategy consulting practice, working with Red Team’s clients and consultants. He also leads the company’s proposal best practices and develops and delivers proposal training. Jeff earned his Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan, so he is literally a rocket scientist. He is active in the Colorado Chapter of APMP and regularly presents at APMP conferences and delivers webinars to APMP members. Jeff is known for his dry, witty humour. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his two teenage children and passionately protesting environmental destruction, civil rights injustices, animal cruelty, and gun culture.


Ajay Patel leads SMA, Inc. as President and CEO. SMA, Inc. is the world’s largest advisory firm dedicated to improving its client’s competitiveness across their entire program lifecycle from market and competitive strategy to capture strategy and bid/proposal development to profitable program execution for public sector markets.

Mr. Patel has over 35 years of consulting, business development, operations, program management and systems engineering experience. Prior to coming to SMA, Ajay was a Director at Deloitte consulting in the Aerospace and Defense practice. He was a Senior Partner at the Monitor Group for twelve years, and created and led it’s global National Security practice. During the 1990s, Ajay served in various roles at SMA including Vice President of Business Development, Executive Vice President of SMA’s Proposal Management group and as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. Previously, Ajay was at TRW serving in technology development, systems engineering, program management and business development roles.

Ajay enjoys travelling and is an avid reader. His has a particular fascination with typography—the latest fun addition to his library is Simon Garfield’s book “Just My Type: A Book About Fonts.” His favorite bookstore on the planet is Daunt Books in London, United Kingdom.



Robin Davis has more than 20 years of commercial and state and local proposal experience. In 2009, Robin established Metre, a successful proposal and sales operations consulting firm that helps healthcare clients win business. Working with start-ups to some of the largest health plans in the country, Robin and her team have helped secure billions of dollars for her clients. She’s proud that over 80% of her work comes from repeat business—a testament to the trusting relationships her and her team build with clients. Prior to founding Metre, Robin fell into proposals at Healthways and then built the company’s first knowledge management and proposal’s department over the next nine years. Robin is an APMP Fellow, former member of the International Board of Directors, and Chapter Chair of the Rhythm & Harmony chapter, which includes members from Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Robin describes herself as a brave, passionate, life-long learner. She is driven by the desire to make a positive impact in the lives of the people around her, whether that is helping a client win business through proposals or creating a warm and inviting neighborhood bar and restaurant in her community.




Kevin Switaj is the President and Chief Executive Officer of BZ Opportunity Management. An experienced proposal professional, he has led bids of diverse sizes and requirements for a wide range of Government clients. He has developed, implemented, and refined life cycle processes at firms, resulting in a minimum of a 50% improvement in win rate year-over-year. He is a former member of the APMP National Capital Area Board of Directors and served as a mentor in the chapter’s mentor-protege program for multiple years. He is a well-recognized thought leader in the field who speaks regularly at regional and international conferences. Kevin has won multiple awards for his writing on opportunity management and regularly blogs on the BZ Opportunity Management site. He is also involved in his community, volunteering for his community swim association and his son’s Cub Scout pack.



Marina  Goren  is the President/CEO of Smart BD Consulting – a successful MD/DC/NVA area Capture and Proposal Development firm. Over the past 7 years she has successfully grown her company to over 150 consultants serving over 50 Federal Government contracting clients. She teaches numerous Proposal Development and Capture courses and was an APMP speaker since 2014. Ms. Goren continues to personally support her clients in pioneering new frontiers and winning large strategic bids, while running her company. Ms. Goren has been instrumental at Billions of Dollars in wins for her clients (including a recent single award $1.2B win). Prior to starting her own company, Ms. Goren was a Vice President of Business Development at ASRC Primus and helped grow the company from 2 to over 1,600 FTEs in just a little over 5 years. Ms. Goren had a progressive career in IT, Operations and Business Development for the past 23 years.


A former college professor, stand-up comic, and founder of two successful firms, one of the first-ever Fellows of the APMP, Dr. Tom Sant was named the world’s foremost authority on winning sales proposals by the American Management Association and one of the top ten sales trainers in the world by Selling Power Magazine.  

Tom is the author of the best-selling Persuasive Business Proposals, and the highly acclaimed The Giants of Sales and The Language of Success.  

As a consultant, Tom has written over $30 billion in winning proposals for clients in every industry sector.  In addition, he invented the world’s first proposal automation tools, ProposalMaster, RFPMaster and PresentationBuilder, used by thousands of sales and proposal professionals worldwide as the Upland Qvidian system.  



Larry Newman is a partner and board member, Shipley Associates. Larry started at Shipley Associates in 1986, so that’s 36 years of consulting and training clients in 5 continents (North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia), 30 countries, and more than 100 organizations.
Larry authored the Shipley Proposal Guide, Capture Guide, and Business Development Lifecycle Guide. He is a Fellow of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, accredited at the APMP Professional Level. Larry has MS and BS Industrial Engineering from University of Iowa.



Randy Richter is Chairman and Price to Win Director at Richter & Company, Competitive analysis and market research firm focused on the Federal market.  Previously, Randy was a Senior Consultant at CAI/SISCo, served as Vice President, Strategic Business Development for Integrated Communication Solutions, responsible for the capture and operation of long-term programs within the Federal government.

Randy received a B.S. from Cornell University and M.S. from the State University of New York at Cortland.  He has completed sales and technical certifications from Cisco, Nortel Networks, 3Com, and Unisphere Networks (now Juniper Networks).  Randy has been a featured speaker at federal conferences, telecommunications industry association events and is an active member of SCIP and APMP. Randy is also founder and president at Western Maryland Lacrosse Officials Association



Alan Howard , a 40+ years proposal industry veteran is a Certified Professional of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP®). Alan joined APMP in 2009 and was appointed to the APMP UK Board in 2016 as the Certification and Apprenticeship development director where he was heavily involved with the mentoring programme and the conference training days. ​

In his 40+ years’ working on proposals, Alan has worked on 100’s of proposals, has trained and mentored 150+ proposal professionals



As Sr. Vice President of Consulting at Shipley Associates, David Bol has over 30 years as a Senior Proposal Manager helping client’s win over $220 billion dollars of revenue. He has co-authored three books for APMP that still influence winning business development practices today. Mr. Bol is APMP certified at the Professional level, is an APMP Fellow and co-founded the Rocky Mountain APMP Chapter. He earned the Visionary award guiding the APMP group through the 90’s. He has held every international APMP Board position including being CEO of the Board of Directors in 2009.




Samantha Enslen runs Dragonfly Editorial, an agency that helps companies around the world write, edit, and design great content — including proposals. Sam is an APMP member and a frequent speaker at Bid & Proposal Con. She's on the board of ACES: The Society for Editing, and she's a writer for the Grammar Girl podcast. In short, she's a book lover, word nerd, and grammar geek all in one.


Nicholas Adams is an industry veteran with 30+ years IT and bid and proposal experience having recently worked for Teradata as Lead for EMEA proposal management and RFX process previously leading their UK & Ireland Opportunity Management function. Before Teradata, Nic also worked at Liberata, Atos/Siemens IT Solutions, Dell, HP and Fujitsu.

Nic has served on the APMP UK Chapter Board of Directors since 2007. Nick was also 2017 and 2018 UK Conference director. At an international level, Nic has served as APMP International chair, past chair and was also first ever Treasurer for the Association. Nic is APMP Practitioner certified and has a business management degree from university of south Africa. Nic also served in the board of AFSM International, Rotary, Lions International and various education institutes.



Dick Eassom, aka Wordman, a Certified Fellow of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP®), past APMP Chief Executive Officer, recipient of the APMP William C. McRae Founders' Award, past Chair of the APMP California Chapter and a proud member of the chapter’s Mentor program. Dick has presented at 15+ APMP Annual International Conferences on using Microsoft Word for proposal development.

Dick has authored over forty articles for “Wordman's Production Corner” in the APMP Perspective. In his 40+ years of experience, Dick has led or contributed to numerous proposals in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia. Dick has a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Leeds in England.



BJ Lownie was one of the 28 founding members of APMP, true “Proposal Patriot, an accredited Professional and elected Fellow of APMP and started Strategic Proposals in the US in 1987.  He is a truly “Passionate about Proposals”, an outstanding presenter and trainer and is recognised as one of the gurus of the proposal world. In his 35+ years’ working on proposals, BJ has worked on 1000’s of proposals, has trained 10000 proposal professionals and has presented at countless conferences.


Over the last 30 years Margaret Helsabeck has focused on leading proposal management, learning and communications across large business winning organisations in UK and USA. Margaret was the second UK APMP CEO and became an APMP Fellow in 2009. Margaret officially retired in 2015 and now runs Mags Arts Space travelling, drawing and painting.




Tim Snell has 20+ years’ experience in helping companies create solutions to win business. He has worked in some of the most remote, austere and dangerous places in the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Liberia, Mali and Sudan in support of military, United Nations, NATO and commercial organisations. Tim is an executive & Personal Coach, Business Winning consultant and Trainer. Tim is APMP Deputy Chief examiner and a regular speaker and contributor to APMP.




Ali Paskun CF.APMP is the founder of AbiL Solutions LLC and RFPtrainer. Ali is a veteran in the world of Federal Government contracting having worked for a number of government contractors to develop and refine successful approaches to winning Federal Government contracts. She has spent 35 years developing win strategies with expertise throughout the entire phase of proposal development cycle, primarily for small and mid-sized companies. Ali has an impressive track record of collaborating with and managing capture teams to identify best possible solutions for proposals. She used to manage the Journal of the Association of Proposal Management and has lectured nationally. She is an APMP Fellow and has earned APMP certification.




Kristin (Baron) Dufrene, CPP APMP Fellow, has twenty-six years of experience in Federal sector business development, including capture management and proposal development. Kristin has been a member of APMP since 1995 and served as the 2017 Chair of the International Board of Directors. She has led many joint Industry-Federal initiatives, including the Procurement Improvement Committee (PIC), the Federal Procurement Community, and the Government-Industry Acquisition Task Force. Kristin is currently Strategic Capture Executive Director for CACI and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from LSU.




Betsy Blakney, ​CPP APMP, is an APMP Fellow, past APMP International CEO, COO, Board Secretary, and Eastern Regional Representative, and a former APMP National Capital Area (NCA) President. With 25 years of proposal management experience, Betsy is currentlyDirector of Proposal Operations Support for CACI. Betsy was previously the Director of Proposal Services for UNITECH (acquired by Lockheed Martin), served in the Washington Federal Practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Federal Proposal Manager, and began her proposal management career at Datatrac Information Services, Inc. (acquired by CSC). An APMP member since 1996, she actively served as an APMP certification mentor, co-authored the APMP Industry Glossary of Terms, and is a frequent conference speaker/panelist.


Colleen Jolly has 20 years' experience in visual communications, training, marketing (event management and sales (B2G, B2B, and B2C) across several industries and countries including deep expertise in the US, UK, and Australia. She is the youngest person to win the APMP Fellow Award in 2010; she won the APMP Insight Award in 2012 for her article on international business; was featured in Northern Virginia magazine's “Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30” in 2010; and was a finalist for the Stevie Awards Creative Professional of the Year, 2009. She just won the inaugural “40 Under 40” honor from APMP in 2017.

She is a former Southeast of England Women's Business Ambassador (2008-2010); docent at the Corcoran Gallery of Art (2004-2014); board member at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (2007-2014); served as Secretary of APMP NCA chapter 2010-2012; and on the International Board of APMP 2012-2015 as Secretary, COO, the youngest CEO in the organization's history, and Past CEO.




Mike Parkinson (Microsoft MVP and APMP Fellow) is an internationally recognized Visual Communication and Presentation Expert and award-winning author of (“Billion Dollar Graphics” and “A Trainer's Guide to PowerPoint: Best Practices for Master Presenters.”). He owns Billion Dollar Graphics and is a partner at 24 Hour Company, a premier creative services firm. Mike has spearheaded multi-billion-dollar projects and helped Fortune 500 companies and international learning institutions win billions of dollars.


Kirste Webb is APMP Fellow with 30+ years’ experience in all facets of business development and marketing services. Kirste is Senior Vice President Business Development at ARS Aleut Remediation. Kirste has twice been the volunteer Chair of APMP and was also instrumental in APMP’s certification program by pushing for an APMP Body of Knowledge (BoK).  Kirste also serves as a counselor with the East Tennessee Procurement Technical Assistance Center. She achieved APMP Certification – Foundation Level, and holds Bachelor’s degree and MBA from the University of Phoenix.




Eric Gregory has 42 years experience in business development, capture and proposal operations.
Eric has been honoured with APMP’s highest service award, the William C. McCrae Memorial Award, he also received CACI’s top honor for service excellence, the Admiral Thomas H. Moorer Award.
Eric is APMP-certified proposal professional (APMP CPP) and an APMP Fellow, Twice ex. CEO of APMP




Cathy Day has over 35 years’ experience directing, delivering, and training capture and bid teams. Cathy designed and developed the Association Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Accreditation Programme. Cathy is APMP Fellow, APMP Accreditation Director and Chief Examiner since 2004.




Tony Birch is Chairman of Shipley Limited. An industry veteran with 40+ years’ experience who has trained over 10,000 people, helped win over $30bn in new business. Elected a APMP Fellow in 2006, Tony served on the main board of the APMP for 4 years; during that time he oversaw the development and launch of the APMP's Certification Program. As one of the founders of APMP UK, Tony’s mission is to ensure that the role of a bid or proposal manager is recognised throughout the world as a profession – and not just a job.




Howard Nutt is Executive Director of the Business Development Institute International (BD-Institute). An industry veteran with 45 years experience.
Howard was one of APMP's 28 founding members, developed its original strategic plan, is the recipient of APMP Founders and Vision awards and continues as an APMP Fellow. He leads development of the Capability Maturity Model® for Business Development and was a former Senior VP of Consulting for Shipley Associates.





Sampada Abhyankar is an executive with solid experience in IT enterprise sales and business development having worked with customers across 5 major continents. During the past 22 years, he has established many firsts in the organizations in different roles. Her expertise spans in the areas of Project and Program Management, Cross-Functional Collaboration and Problem Solver, Value Added Sales Support, Customer and Partner Interactions.

As an individual, she is a change-promoter, idea generator, path-maker and cross-functional collaborator. She has sharp comprehension and analytical abilities, an eye for detail, quality conscious to ensure customer delight. She enjoys taking the road less travelled, influencing, challenging teams for efficiency, innovation and relevance. She aspires to be constructive irritant and make the team believe in SAP’s products and capabilities.

She is extremely proud of her following achievements below:

  • Selected as Chair and Governing Board Member of APMP India (not-for-profit industry association of bid and proposal management professionals) for 2021-2022
  • Certified Project Management Professional for 13 yrs and 2 months and Certified Practitioner of APMP since 2017
Scribble Talk Episode 153 with Noemi Schmidt


Noemi Schmidt is a bid professional with 13 years of Bid Management experience, 4years in IBM and 6 years within Computacenter, 10 years in total in IT in various countries, such as France, Hungary, Canada and UK and has filled roles as Bid Specialist, Bid Coordinator, Bid Manager, Senior Bid Manager and currently Team Leader Bid Management France. Living in the UK, Noemi has been working for Computacenter for 6 years. She has mainly covered French business and has always worked in a bilingual environment.  

            Noemi is also a proud holder of APMP Foundation and Practitioner certifications, and is currently preparing for her Professional assessment is in progress. She also won the APMP 40 under 40 award in 2020.  

           This bilingual bid professional spends her time engaging with various sports like gym, horse riding, recently tennis as well as water sports such as SUP etc. and is fond of traveling. Her interests is mostly focused on enrolling in “infinite” self-development activity and is practitioner of holistic relaxation techniques such as meditation, reiki, sound healing etc. 


Scribble Talk Episode 154 with Kate Moshoadiba


Kate Moshoadiba is the Head of the Bid Management Office at IQbusiness, which is a leading independent Management Consulting firm in South Africa, for the past 6 years. This “Proposals Fanatic” has over 15 years of experience in handling winning Proposals and Bids, and has earned herself a great reputation and experience within this profession. A pioneer in what she does! She guides her organization's key stakeholders in developing compelling, compliant, responsive and winning proposals. Kate has worked for a diverse range of companies (in Auditing, Consulting, Engineering and Mining), such as Deloitte, Aurecon, LRGM, Lexmark, RSV Enco to name a few. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (2017) from Milpark Education and a Marketing Management Diploma (2010). 

                  Kate has been part of the APMP family and a member of the APMP South African Chapter since 2014, and now appointed the Chair for APMP South African Chapter. She has an APMP Foundation accreditation and is currently pursuing her next, which is the Practitioner, hoping to bag it by June 2022. 

                      Within the organization she works for, IQbusiness, she drives and leads as part of corporate social responsibility, an initiative within the education space called the Alexandra Education Committee (AEC), mentoring young people and raising funds towards their education. She has served on this NPO, on the AEC Council and the AEC Alumni Committee as the Alumni Chairperson since 2013 (on the committee since 2009).  

                    Before her boys wake up, she jogs, 2kg of weights, 30 minutes of exercise and she is ready to conquer the day. When she is not taking over the world, you will find her at some park or some fun-fair event with her boys being playful, in a world of superheroes, unicorns, rainbows and jelly tots. What she likes doing for fun, is to watch the same episode of “Peppa Pig” and pretend she has never seen it before.

Scribble Talk Episode 155 with Izane Cloete-Hamilton


Izane Cloete-Hamilton is the Master of Inspiration at nFold, a strategic proposal and pitch consultancy in South Africa. She started her career in business development at global giants, including IBM, Compaq, and Westcon, before honing her passion for winning business through sales responses like proposals, tenders, and presentations. 

                    Izane established the group bid office at EOH, an ICT company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. She developed and implemented processes, tools and templates that grew the bid team to a 23-person unit supporting +- 230 different business units. During this time, she served on the APMP SA chapter as a committee member and also as chair. In 2019 she obtained her APMP professional certification, one of only 10 APMP certified proposal professionals in South Africa at that time. 

                         Over and above the countless educational contributions she made to her previous organizations, she has also presented and trained at several South African APMP events. She has written several articles (published on LinkedIn, TFM Magazine, Lionesses of Africa and newsletters). The highlight of her publishing career thus far is a Bid Office Playbook, a 350-page guideline for proposal professionals (internal to EOH). 

                          Izane has presented at BPC Europe 2022 talk about what William Shakespeare knew about making bid/no-bid decisions and was recognized as one of the conference's highlights. In 2021, Izane and her business partner Larissa Cornelius hosted a session at the online version of BPC Europe, “From OK to Awesome: How to improve bid office performance through KPIs”. 

                       Izane also presented a session about Bid or no-bid decisions at the 2021 Smart Procurement World Indaba and in the previous year, she co-hosted a session at the Indaba titled: “Invasion of the proposal aliens”. The Lionesses of Africa, a 1.5-million-member social enterprise working to advance Africa's women entrepreneurs, invited Izane to train a select group of women entrepreneurs enrolled in an accelerated incubator programme on “Perfecting your pitch, learning to negotiate and closing your sales”. 

                   Izane is involved with Boston Terrier Rescue and other animal welfare organizations.  She loves cooking, drinking wine and Agatha Christie's murder mysteries.