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Scribble Talk Podcast’s Emotional Journey: From a Whimsical Dream to a 50000 Download Global Symphony

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Baskar Sundaram

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Dear Friends,

I had a vision to foster human connections through the power of storytelling. That scribbled idea grew into Scribble Talk, now celebrating 50,000 downloads worldwide. This is the story behind my podcast made with heart.

The Humble Beginnings of Scribble Talk

As the evening glow of my study room fades and my fingers brush against the keyboard, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of emotion. The statistics flash before my eyes – Scribble Talk has magnificently reached 50,000 downloads, its voice echoing across 90 countries. For many, these are just numbers, but for me, Baskar Sundaram, they represent an intimate journey I’ve taken with every one of you.

I started Scribble Talk as a simple concept: facilitate meaningful dialogues to inspire, educate, and bring people together. I believed in the power of shared stories to build empathy and community across divides. Podcasting seemed the perfect vehicle to drive this mission. In 2019, I and co-host Ashley recorded Season 1, laying the groundwork for Scribble Talk’s signature blend of humor, vulnerability, and insight. Soon after, I took the solo hosting reins. My goal? Spotlight impactful stories and hard-won wisdom from people of all backgrounds.

The genesis of Scribble Talk wasn’t grand. It was born as a whisper, a modest voice yearning to share, learn, and grow. This tiny spark burgeoned into an impassioned flame with an incredible community like you.

Memories Etched in Time

One name, Ashley Kayes, stands out in this voyage. Serving as my co-host and my best friend for the inaugural season, the memories we’ve woven together remain indelibly imprinted in my heart. Through moments of hearty laughter, soul-stirring revelations, and spontaneous detours, we laid the cornerstone of what Scribble Talk represents today. Ashley, my heartfelt gratitude knows no bounds. Thank you for everything

Rapid Growth Fueled by My Passion

Scribble Talk quickly expanded as I indulged my curiosity across 7 diverse seasons:

  • Stories – Triumphant tales of Honest APMP Veterans and their contributions (there could be few episodes we should delete!) overcoming adversity
  • Teaching – Insights on proposal creativity and education
  • Talent – Conversations outside work life
  • Tech – Exploring proposal tech innovations and advances
  • SMA – Discussions with SMA Leaders
  • Short Talk – Impactful chats in bite-sized doses
  • Equity Matters – Unpacking diversity and social justice
  • Baachu Story – Rising Above Adversity, Tales of Baskar Sundaram

Scribble Talk by the Numbers, Behind the Scenes: My Labor of Love

Scribble Talk rapidly evolved from passion project to massive time commitment for me. A staggering 350 episodes under our belt, and if one were to dive into the math- I estimate an average of 4 hours spent per episode – from ideation to booking guests to conducting and editing interviews. In just 4 years, that tallies over 1,800 hours I’ve invested in Scribble Talk. For someone so data-driven like myself, this stat astounds: nearly 15% of my working hours since 2019 have gone to Scribble Talk. And that’s not even counting our 52 episode Baachu Talk podcast, which you’ve graciously supported with over 20,000 downloads. That’s nearly 400 times I’ve hit that ‘record’ button for a 75 min conversation. But I consider it time well spent. This isn’t just a side project; it’s a significant fragment of my existence. Because Scribble Talk has never been about vanity metrics for me. It’s about building community through shared experiences.

More than Just Dialogues

But the podcast isn’t defined by its episodes. It’s about the narrative of shared human experiences. It mirrors our collective aspirations, challenges, and victories. I’ve been moved to tears by guests’ narratives, shared uninhibited laughter, and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the shared wisdom.

Cultivating an Engaged Community Worldwide

I have gifted every episode for free, prioritizing audience connection over profit. For me, the real value of Scribble Talk is:

  • 400+ hours of impactful content
  • 160+ interactive webinars for listeners
  • 20,000+ downloads of my spinoff podcast Baachu Talk
  • Uplifting messages from listeners on how episodes resonated
  • Constructive feedback to improve the show

But one element remained unchanged: Scribble Talk’s focus on human-centered storytelling. This engaged community inspires me to keep creating from the heart. Their stories and vulnerability drive Scribble Talk as much as my own passion.

A Word to our Guests and Listeners

To every guest who amplified our podcast’s essence with their unique stories and insights, I bow in gratitude. Your spirit and magnanimity are the heartbeats of our show. And to our ardent listeners, your unwavering support, invaluable feedback, and shared tales are the winds beneath our wings.

Beyond Podcasting

My journey hasn’t been restricted to podcasting. With 160+ webinars and workshops under the Rain and Scribble umbrella, it’s evident that numbers don’t dictate this endeavor’s success. It’s the heartfelt emails, constructive critiques, and the symbiotic bond we share that truly define it.

A Free Gift, From My Heart to Yours

The podcasts remain freely accessible, a humble gift from my core to yours. What truly enriches me is the love, tales, and the collective journey we undertake.

The Journey Continues: More Human Stories to Tell and Looking Ahead with Determination

With over 350 episodes and 50,000 downloads down, I’m just getting started. I feel immense gratitude for the community Scribble Talk has built.

Looking ahead, exciting evolutions await both Scribble Talk and Baachu Talk as I reaffirm my commitment to devote 15% of my time and energy to both podcasts.

As I balance the bustling life of an entrepreneur, friend, and family man, my commitment to Scribble Talk and Baachu Talk remains steadfast. The passion that sparked Scribble Talk still burns bright for me. I can’t wait to record the next episode, interact with more listeners, and expand this empathetic community worldwide.

The Future Beckons

As September approaches, watch out for some thrilling product announcements from Baachu. While part of me contemplates focusing solely on Baachu’s growth, a significant chunk wishes to craft a lasting legacy for the next generation and our cherished industry.

Concluding Notes

For those who’ve been our pillars since day one, you’re the reason for our soaring heights. And for our new members, a hearty embrace awaits you.

To longtime listeners, thank you for helping Scribble Talk get this far. And to new fans, there are so many captivating stories still to come.

I leave you with this: “You’ve transformed what started as my scribbled dream into a vivid tapestry of shared experiences. We’ve built something special, and I promise you, the best is yet to come.”

So, keep your feedback pouring, tales unraveling, and earphones ready. From the deepest recesses of my heart, thank you for making this voyage nothing short of magical. Keep listening, keep sharing, and keep those stories alive. Your support is our lifeline. I invite you to continue being our strength – subscribe, share your tales, and leave your cherished reviews in your favourite podcast channels.

To our shared stories, our bond, and a future resplendent with promise!

Here’s to the next 50,000 downloads and beyond!

Warmly, Baskar Sundaram and Scribble Talk Team 🎧🚀🎉📚

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