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Scribble Talk Special Episode - Howard Nutt 2nd Death Anniversary & Ceasing ATO Operations

Scribble Talk Special Episode in Honour Of Second Death Anniversary of Howard Nutt - Part 1: My Journey with Howard

Howard Nutt was the  Executive Director of the Business Development Institute International (BD-Institute). An industry veteran with 45 years experience. Howard was one of APMP’s 28 founding members, developed its original strategic plan, was APMP Fellow, the recipient of APMP Founders and Vision awards. He led the development of the Capability Maturity Model® for Business Development (BD- CMM). 


In this short episode Baskar Sundaram, reflects his APMP career – Howard  introducing APMP in 2015 to Baachu ceasing ATO operations on his 2nd Death Anniversary. 

"Leadership Is A Choice, Not A Position."

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