Scribble Talk Teaching with Wouter Van Tienhoven

Scribble Talk Guest Teaching

Topic: How to keep the pressure on your bid team within acceptable boundaries? - With WOUTER VAN TIENHOVEN

About The Guest: Wouter Van Tienhoven

How to keep the pressure on your bid team (= bid manager, solutioners and bid writers) within acceptable boundaries? And in the long-term keeping your bid team sound and safe (healthy both physical and mental) and not quitting their job?   

 It all starts with (HYGIEN) a well-documented process and a mature way of working (keep your promises, stick to the plan, help each other; keep the common goal sharp (winning a bid);   

1. Does your company use a strict capture process?  

2. Is your qualification system robust and how to you it to balance the workload? And helps the qualification system you to predict the probability of winning or losing a bit?  

 3. Does you use fictive costs of answering a RfQ and are they combined with the probability outcome of your qualification system 


Wouter has over 22 years experience in bid and tender managemenet. He is the owner of Tender Expert and has supported leading companies including Sodexo, Talentsoucer, a Maandag company, CSU, HAGO, Adjust, ISS & Facilicom. Previously Wouter was with Yacht, a Randstad company for over 10 years taking varied Sales, Account and Proposal Roles. Wouter was teacher of economics and accounting for 12 years at Comenius College and also ran his company C.A.T where he was Consultant Novell Netware and Software Development. Wouter is Chairman of Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP NL) and Treasurer Foundation Ombudsman Public Contracting (OMA). Wouter is APMP Practitioner Certfied and is fluent in Dutch, English and French. Wouter hobbies and interests include hiking, reading and fitness, golf and sharing a good meal with friends.


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