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We traced the origin and rise of APMP through Scribble Talk.  Our very first episode was about Howard Nutt, APMP Founding Member. 

In this past 3 years, Baachu’s Scribble Talk Podcast has documented the history of APMP since 2019 through the human stories and contributions of 160+ APMP Founding members, Fellows and Chapter members who played integral part of the development of the organization.

At Scribble Talk, we do not limit ourselves with the professional life of our guests, but also get our hands on the way professionals balance their work, volunteering and still manage to follow their passion and excel at them.

By showcasing APMP professionals who are international sculptures, fitness enthusiasts, sports people and published writers who follow their love for hobbies like Bingo Calling, Jitterbug dancing, Krav Maga, Ice Derby and travelling, we keep our listeners motivated to bring that life-work harmony they need. 

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We shared stories from 25 APMP Chapters out of 28.  Scribble Talk has dedicated 1200 hours of voluntary time to APMP serving them in expanding their message, reach and influence across many countries.

Scribble Talk now world’s most listened podcast for business winning professionals with listeners across 70+ countries. We have an average of 50 downloads a day and a total of 17000 downloads (as of 15 July 2022).

Listen to Scribble Talk. Get inspired by people who have helped shaped APMP so you can also volunteer for your local APMP Chapters to build the industry together. Click here find the nearest chapter.

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