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A team of podcasters bent on to bring you expert
advices and fun anecdotes through the journey
of inspiring bidding professionals.


Scribble Talk Episode 121 – Katherine Becchina

Scribble Talk Episode 120 – Hayley Watkins  
Scribble Talk – Episode 119 Tara Kowalke    
Scribble Talk – Episode 118 Elisabeth Megli  
Scribble Talk – Episode 117 Marie Rounsavell
Scribble Talk – Episode 115 Danielle Torley  

Scribble Talk Exclusive - Rick Harris, Chief Executive, APMP (recorded 18.06 2020)

Scribble Talk

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Scribble Talk is a weekly show produced by Baachu Scribble and hosted by Ashley Kayes and Baskar Sundaram. The duo will take you on a journey with APMP veterans and the brightest bid & proposal minds, diving deep into the topics that bid & proposal professionals, like you, can use to help grow your skills and your business success.”

About It

Scribble Talk began  years ago as a medium to bring experts in the bidding industry closer to you. Today, the podcast has grown up to become one of the best and most streamed podcasts in surrounding the industry. Scribble Talk has now become a brand name to refer the most inspiring and up-an-coming leaders of the bidding industry.

So, here we are, bringing every resource you need to make you a “full-stack“ bidder. We sit down with the industry veterans and the brightest bid & proposal minds on the planet and invite them to share how our industry has evolved and what’s working right now in all facets of bid & proposals. Listen today and discover the history of our industry and the new tactics that can be implemented to win more tenders, grow your business and increase your bidding

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