Worried about your career or business in this crisis?

Join the self care programme.

The Self-Care programme is a 5 day, 10 hour intense programme with resources and daily coaching to help you and not just survive but to thrive and grow.

You could be thinking...

  • What do I need to do?
  • ​When will this end?
  • ​Will I get through this?
  • Can I get new job?
  • ​Will my business survive?

Here’s what I believe: YOU will get through this stronger than before.

You can come out of this clearer, stronger, more focused, and more strategic. If you are looking for support, community, and positivity in an uncertain time this is the place for you.

You have two options right now: fear or courage.

Choosing fear means you stop, retreat into yourself and wait for the crisis to pass.

Courage means you’re committed to keeping your career or business alive and getting to the other side stronger and better.

Baskar Sundaram

Baskar Sundaram is a inclusive entrepreneur and business growth expert who balances purpose and profit.

He is ranked #1 advisor to investors in business services industry.

He published Bid Buddy self-improvement journal for bidding professionals in 2016.

Over the past 5 years, he has mentored 150+ bid professionals with Sell You First training and 50+consultants with Big Ticket Generator Programme.

He has won entrepreneur of the year finalist awards in 2017 and 2019 and business in the community award in 2018.

Quoting Thirukural, a Classic Tamil language text

இடும்பைக்கு இடும்பை படுப்பர் இடும்பைக்கு இடும்பை படாஅ தவர்

Translation: Give sorrow to sorrow, who in sorrow do not suffer sorrow.


  • 24/7 SUPPORT: An exclusive Facebook group to get any question answered and any problem solved by my team.
  • DAILY COACHING: Live video coaching every day from Baskar Sundaram to give you specific strategies that can work in these scary times.
  • ​DAILY ACTION GUIDES: Daily actions to what to do to help you create your stronger self
  • ​DAILY MEDITATION: A group meditation every day to reduce stress and lift our spirits! The power of a group meditating together is researched and proven.
  • BONUS: 10% discount ticket to our 30 day reboot programme!

We are committed to supporting you every step of the way to be stronger and more successful at the end week!

The Value is over £500

Your Investment = £1

The Challenge in a Crisis

The creative brain shuts down in a crisis. Fear and worry is paralysing. Being isolated makes it worse. When you feel supported and have clear strategies, you can move forward boldly. You will get through this. We’ll get through it together in the Self Care Programme community.

We’re here for you. Let’s do this!

Simply opt in and let’s get you motivated and moving during these uncertain times.

It's now more important than ever to remain positive, stay strong and build your future self.