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Share Your Memory

Share Your Moments

I will be visiting my mother after 3.5 years on her birthday 20th Oct. I left India to UK in 2003.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my அம்மா (mother) Kalaiselvi. My father left his village in Tamil Nadu to Mumbai for an interview in 1987 (when I was 7) got a role as electrical engineer in Saudia Arabia. He worked there for 21 years. I only saw him 20 days every 2 years. Yes, my mother not only carried me for 10 months in her womb, but she also raised me and my sister Kavitha Sundaram for the next 18 years on her own. There were many who ridiculed her, many isolated her (some still do). She stood on her own and brought us up. 

Thanks to my அம்மா (mother’s) upbringing and strength, Today, I am a Man of Value, running 3 seven figure valued companies, educating 800 children and creating a small impact in my chosen area of expertise. 

My mom still does not know what I do for living and the positive relationships I have developed over these 20+ years. She just cares about my health and happiness.

I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.

In Tamil Thirukural Couplet, we have a chapter – Wealth of Children

Wealth of Children

குறள் 69:
ஈன்ற பொழுதின் பெரிதுவக்கும் தன்மகனைச்
சான்றோன் எனக்கேட்ட தாய்.

தம் மகனைக் கல்வி ஒழுக்கங்களால் நிறைந்தவன் என்று அறிவுடையோர் கூற அதைக் கேட்ட தாய், அவனைப் பெற்ற பொழுதைக் காட்டிலும் good மிகுதியாக மகிழ்வாள்.

Couplet Explanation:

The mother who hears her son called “a wise man” will rejoice more than she did at his birth.

Everyone has a dream. When we achieve our dreams, it is only normal to want to shout it out and tell others. 

Some of the most beautiful and memorable moments in our lives happen with friends. If at any point in your life or career, you crossed paths with me, would you like to share with me your happiest moments or stories? I will compile and share with my mother on her birthday.


Baskar Sundaram

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