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How to Set Realistic Goals and Achieve Them?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Each time we set a goal, we are always told to take up one thing at a time. Everything depends on our willpower and strength to restrain. Whether it’s choosing healthy food, waking up early or going to the gym, we are told that willpower is everything. But the environment we will in is also important.

We are surrounded by things that often test our strength. The best way to achieve our goal is to change our environment and eventually adapt to this new environment.

Here is how you get started:

Create a Separate Space 

Since the pandemic, most people are working from home. This is where creating a separate space for work becomes highly important.  Create a space to work without distractions and also create a space to relax and rewind. Your workspace should contain everything you need to keep yourself focused and working. This might seem stressful but stress is important to stay motivated and dedicated. 

Relaxing is also important. When you ease up and let your mind wander, your creative juices will start to flow. Mental breakthroughs and insights are possible only when you take time to enjoy and do fun activities. Your ‘play’ area should contain things that take your mind off work. 

Change of Scene 

Sometimes you might feel stuck that is when a change of comes in handy. Going to a new environment will stimulate your brain and let you come up with new solutions and ideas. Whenever you feel lost or stuck, just go on a drive. Take a diary with you and start writing. First, write about the thing you feel grateful for. Then, write about the things that are bothering you and be honest with yourself. Finally, think and write about your goals in life and what motivates you. 

By disconnecting and creating a new situation you will automatically think differently.

Reorganise and Remove Distractions

How many times have we sat down for work and then checked our phones and got carried away by the internet? This is why it is important to ensure that we limit distractions in our environment. Clear your phone of any apps that you find time consuming and unnecessary. This can be done even to your fridge. Get rid of junk food and fill your kitchen with the food you wish to eat.

By limiting our choices, we become for focused and only the emphasis on willpower is also reduced.

Implementation Intentions

Thinking of your goals is good but thinking of the possibilities for failure and planning ahead will greatly improve your performance. Think about the temptations that arise in your day to day life. Suppose you want to quit coffee. Make a mental note to yourself, “Next time I want coffee I will drink water”. Follow this till you no longer feel the need to remind yourself daily and the link is automatic.

Set Constraints 

Often you cannot get things done because we lack willpower, feel lazy or disheartened. A great way to achieve our goal is to set constraints that ultimately force us to get the things done. If you want to spend more time with your family, consider leaving your phone in your car. Another way to get things done is social pressure. Telling a friend that you have a said goal in mind will make you more accountable and responsible.

Just leaving things to willpower is not the best strategy. Frame your environment and mind in such a way that tasks do not seem tedious and just occur naturally. So, keep all these points in mind when you face a challenge and want to achieve a goal.


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