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What is a Bid Manager’s Role?

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Venu Manohar

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What is a Bid Manager's Role?

An Ex colleague of mine once called me and asked if I could help him winning Projects for his start-up company. He was in an assumption that Bid Manager does a Business Development or Sales job and help him in getting new Projects or winning Bids.

 I had to explain him that Bid Manager’s job is different than what he perceived. I told him that many of the SMEs/MSMEs and their Recruiting Staff feel like “If they hire a Bid Manager, he/she will win bids for them alone”.

 As per my personal experience and observations, I can say that many of the budding CEOs, Leaders and Recruiters think that,

· Bid Manager can win each and every bid they participate

· Bid manager can help them bidding on any RFX irrespective of the core competency of company

· Bid Manager is a One-Man-Army who can operate without anyone’s support in the organization and can drive and win bids for them.

· Bid Manager possess all skills to independently drive the process right from RFX Scouting to Post Bid Activities. This include Searching for New RFXs, Own complete responsibility of Technical as well as Commercial responses, Proposal Content Writing, Bid Coordination, Graphic Designing, Project Planning, Project Management, Solution Architecture, Write Technical Solutions, Prepare Technical Presentations, Effort/Resource Estimation, Price Calculations, post bid activities such as presentations, orals, debriefing conferences and what not.

I would say,

· The One-Man-Army show may be possible in few exceptional niche segments but not possible in all.

· In most of the other domains, Bid Manager is part of Business Development Ecosystem who cannot survive alone without the other key stakeholders such as Sales, Business Development, Technical Architects, Delivery, Pricing, Legal, HR, Admin, Quality, Finance and other relevant stakeholders that always change from case to case basis.

· Winning a specific qualified bid is entirely different than just Participating in all bids.

· For winning you need to have a well-connected and extremely communicated business development ecosystem.

· Just hiring any bid manger may help you participating in all bids but cannot help you in winning bids

This is written on a lighter note to make the things simplified for budding Bids & Proposal guys, entrepreneurs, Sales & BD guys and others who wish to understand the basic concepts. Other experts, thought leaders and critics are most welcome to add their views. 

Thank you so much for your valuable time spent in reading this article and if you really like this content, please like, comment, and share this page to spread the knowledge

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