What are the Benefits of Using Social Selling for Your Business?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Social media is everywhere. It looks as though we cannot watch a TV show or commercial, read a magazine or newspaper or visit a website without seeing a social media icon and hear “follow us on Facebook”. Yet, a lot of companies and individuals are still not engaging with others in social media.

Here are some reasons to jump on the social media bandwagon:

Be Seen

Social media boosts your exposure. All of the social media sites have advanced search functions that offer keyword-targeted searches. Businesses can easily be found based on their name, merchandise, services, and location. Since social media sites are web-based, they also link to the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Nurture Relationships

People do business with others that they recognize and believe. The social media sites are perfect platforms to actively built, nurture and maintain relationships.

Engage in Conversations

Social media essentially is a section of online media where people are discussing, participating, sharing, networking and bookmarking online.

People can chat on every platform of social media by adding comments to blog posts or YouTube videos or engaging in a running dialog on a twitter or Facebook stream.

Share Information

One of the main functions of social media is to share information, whether it be a link to a great article, a review of a business model or recent news.


Social media is being used increasingly as a measure for public opinion through the use of the like and share buttons. This allows you to see what people like and understand the recent trends.

Find People

By using keywords in the search functions in all of the social media platforms, businesses can find prospects, customers, partners, employees, and vendors. Recruiters can find candidates. Job seekers can find hiring managers and others in their targeted profession and companies. There are discussion boards and groups for finding others with similar interests. 

Find Info & Learn

You can learn just about anything and everything on social media. For example, you can learn “how to play the guitar” on YouTube, how to build a marketing company from a blog.

Customer Service

Customer services can be carried out by using Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Customer complaints posted on social media usually get a faster response and hence customers prefer to use it.

Sell a Product

Businesses are using all of the social platforms to sell their merchandise by advertising exclusive deals in their status updates on Facebook or Twitter.

Thus, the use of social media in sales allows salesmen to please their customers rather than disrupt their daily lives with cold calls and hard sells, eventually converting them into loyal customers.

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