Is Internal communication a key factor iin team building?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Good communication is an important part of leadership and teamwork. Efficient communication will help in team building and employee retention. Becoming a good communicator will require patience, effort and trust.

Since good communication is a fundamental requirement for any business, it is highly important that entrepreneurs and managers focus on improving employee communication within the organization.

Here are a few tips on how you can improve internal communication:

Communicate from the start

It is important to create an environment where employees feel engaged and committed to your vision. Make sure to introduce new members to the team and to entrust them to a mentor who will provide them with the necessary information. Check on them frequently in the beginning.

Conduct regular meetings with employees at least once a day. Discuss how they are completing tasks and clarify any questions.

Have one-on-one meetings to discuss reports, projects and solve problems.

Always listen

Most people believe that communication is simply talking. But communication is a two way process. You must learn to listen to effectively communicate.

Listen to your employees and understand their goals and vision. Integrate their vision into the overall vision of the company.

Listening also helps in diffusing conflicts and prevents miscommunication.

Proper Feedback

Providing effective feedback is important when managing a team. Most employees require feedback to feel encouraged or to properly understand if they are on the right track.

Make sure that your offer both formal and informal feedback on a regular basis. Weekly or daily meetings are a good time to recognize employees for their contributions and achievements.

During formal reviews discuss the performance of the employee and address the action of the employee. It is also an opportunity to understand the employee’s needs. Ask if they require any training or are interested in taking on more responsibility.

Communicate any change

Change can be stressful time for anyone. Be open about any change happening in the business. Whether it’s a change in product, procedure or management, be sure to keep employees in the loop.

Explain the reasons for the change and its necessity. Be honest and straightforward with your employees. Openly communicating such changes will help employees in coping up with the situation.

Imbibe a communal feeling  

Proper communication will induce a sense of community within the employees. Organize company events where employees can meet and spend time together. Celebrate birthdays, weddings and personal achievements. Create opportunities for informal conversations.

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