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Tech Leaders Podcast

A Scribble Talk Exclusive For Technological Leaders

Comfort and Success Does Not Co-exist - Because this Year, this Month and Today mean Nothing if you're still Living in your Comfort Zone.


There are two coins you get from business – Cash & Experience. Once you are paid with the latter, the former always follows. There is no better way to prove this except from the leaders who cashed both these coins. 

Listen to the latest Scribble Talk Podcast exclusive for Technology Leaders. The Tech Leaders Podcast brings you candid conversations and lively discussions with Technology Entrepreneurs building Incredible Companies.

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At Tech Leaders Podcast, Technology Leaders to share their stories, discuss their entrepreneurship journey, the courageous decisions and the moments in their life that made them what they are.

Learn how the top technological leaders are make a positive impact in the industry as they faced new and frequent rising challenges of competitions and swiftly changing economies. 

Tune in to hear behind-the-scenes stories and personal anecdotes of inspirational leaders at the forefront of the digital revolution.



Scribble Talk Tech Leaders Podcast Episode 1 with Ganesh Shankar

Scribble Talk Tech Leaders Podcast With Ganesh Shankar - Episode 1

Tech Leaders Episode 2 with Kyle Racki, CEO, Proposify

Scribble Talk Tech Leaders Podcast With Kyle Racki - Episode 2


One Step Closer

One step closer to your tech leaders’ life and strategies. One step closer to becoming the next tech leader.

Reading books, planning strategies and calculating your next big step. Are you still feeling mix of panic & self-doubt? Tune in to the latest podcast series from your podcast company  Baachu Scribble who brought you series including Scribble Talk, Scribble Talk Teaching and Scribble Short Talk.

At Tech Leaders Podcast, we do not sell empty inspirational quotes or yell repetitive pep talks. We bring you the real-life stories of leaders across the world who survived this blend of panic and fear and built dream companies from the ground up.

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