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Overcome Frustration in Your Business Life

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Baskar Sundaram

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We live in an age where being fully satisfied is truly impossible. Most of us are depressed or anxious about missing out on things. Half the time we are not being able to fulfill what we aimed for or what we dreamed about. We are unable to achieve that picturesque life we imagined for ourselves where we have the perfect body, successful career and amazing social life. Why is satisfaction so hard to achieve? Why are we constantly craving for more?

Too Many Opportunities

Like mentioned before, the age we live in has offered us abundant opportunities for growth and pleasure. Our technological advancement has made everything accessible. Thus, more opportunities equal more choices to be made. But each opportunity is enticing and fulfilling. This is what is known in economics as opportunity cost. This basically means that no matter what you choose ultimately there is a price to be paid.

In our time, the price that we pay could be anything. Suppose you decided to go have lunch with your friend. Even if your friend paid for the lunch you end up losing one hour of your time which you could have used to finish some work related tasks. Thus you are sacrificing career growth for socializing.

The Idea Of Sacrifice

Each day of our lives is actually a mixture of choices. We consciously or unconsciously make choices that ultimately haunt us later in life. We are made to choose between things that we value equally. In the end it becomes a sacrifice.

Great men and women from history sacrificed different aspects of their lives to achieve their goals. Their sacrifice is often glorified and it is understood that success requires some form of sacrifice. It is this idea of the prerequisite need for sacrifice that often leads to dissatisfaction especially when we see other people who made a different choice.

Suppose you chose to work instead of going on a vacation and on your social platform you will see other people who decided to take that vacation and they are enjoying themselves.  But if you had decided to go on that vacation you will instead see people who get promoted or achieve your career goals.


So how do you gain satisfaction and happiness in a world where you are forced to make sacrifice? You accept.

Acceptance is one of the best ways to remain happy about your choices and decisions. You choose what you want to prioritize and then base your decision off of that.

If you want to focus on your career, choose your career every time there is a choice and value that decision. When you try to focus on completing everything that is on your checklist, you are living a valueless life. You are living a life where everything is gained and nothing is lost.

Each time you make a decision and achieve your goal you can luxuriate in the fact that you made that choice. This is the way to happiness and satisfaction.

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