Is Delegation an Art?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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It is a leader’s primary responsibility to focus on the success of their people. You retain your top talent by keeping employees engaged, empowered and letting them develop their skills to become leaders.

A major problem for many growing businesses is the owner’s inability to delegate responsibility to employees. This will hinder the growth of the business.

Delegation is a critical skill all leaders must master to be successful. Not only will delegation give you more brain space and time to devote doing what you do best — visionary thought — but you will also empower your team. Being self-aware enough to recognize this is step one.

Here is a guide that will help you to delegate tasks to your employees:

Look objectively at the workload

Analyse the tasks that are to be completed in the following two weeks. Check if you are putting off major plans and operations to focus on the daily workload. Now, consider the tasks that could be delegated so that you can focus on the higher value activities.

Determine where your contribution is needed

Successful entrepreneurs know where their strength lies. If you are great at marketing then focus your attention on marketing and delegate other jobs to employees who are better at it than you.

By stepping back and letting others who are better equipped to manage certain areas take some of the load, you are making your life easier and improving your business’s performance.

Identify the best employees

Look for employees within your organization who are willing to take on more responsibility. When hiring, make sure to take the time to recruit people who have skills that balance your own. Create clear job descriptions, structured evaluation processes, and fair incentives. These will help you achieve your business’s goals.

Focus on employee growth

Lack of trust will only cause more troubles while delegating tasks. Trust your employee and resist the belief that only you can complete the job. Providing employees with training might be time consuming but it will prepare them to handle more complex tasks. Also a sense of making a contribution motivates people and increases their efficiency.

Share your business strategy

Being open to your employees about the business plan and strategy will provide your employees with a sense of direction. This shared vision will motivate them to perform better. It also encourages them to provide new and innovative ideas.

Develop a process

Make your business processes into a plan that is clear, detailed and teachable. This will prove to be highly beneficial when delegating tasks or teaching new recruits.

Focus on the end results

Do not judge people by their working style. Instead focus on the final results and see if they completed the tasks. Each person will have their own unique working style. What matters is the final result.

Through delegation might seem like a daunting and complicated process, it is an important part of a growing business. With proper communication and understanding any leader can easily master the art of work delegation.

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